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Simon Sushi

Nikita, who introduced me to Bombay Palki (now Sohi's) invited us over to her place in Langley for some sushi. There is this new Japanese restaurant that opened up next to their subdivision called Simon Sushi. My first thought was: Simon Sushi? Sounds like someone's name or "Simon Says". But I know that she and her hubby have good taste, so I trust their judgment. So, off we go to Langley! We head over to pickup our food at Simon Sushi and my first thoughts are: where are the other stores? Simon Sushi sits in a little mall all by itself with very few tenants around it. Upon entering the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised by the modern decor and the cleanliness of the place.

It was a bit comical to me that all the staff wore "Simon Sushi" apparel in bright colours, particularly the lime green caps. The staff there seem very friendly, they didn't even stare at me when I began snapping pictures. I guess they figured I was a Japanese tourist? Anyways, we headed back home with our food which consisted of: Salmon Sashimi, Crunch Avocado Roll, Alaska Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, and Dragon Roll.

The generous slices of Salmon Sashimi were very fresh. The same could be said about all the other rolls as well. The Crunch (have no idea why it's not called Crunchy) Avocado Roll was good, it had tempura bits rolled on the outside. This gave a nice contrast in texture to the soft avocado. The Alaska Roll was tasty; however it was very odd. First, the salmon was on the outside and then it was topped with something that resembled miso/ginger dressing, which is usually found on Japanese green salad.

The Spicy Salmon Roll was quite spicy, if you don't like heat, don't eat this one. Lastly, we had a specialty roll, the Dragon Roll. The roll was pretty good; however, much like the other rolls, it was smaller than expected. The Dragon Roll costs $9.95 and I didn't think it looked like a $9.95 roll. Although it was quite tasty, I think the same roll at Tomoya is 1/2 larger for the same price. One of the reasons the rolls seem smaller is that Simon Sushi, unlike Samurai Sushi House, does not use a lot of rice on the outside of the rolls. But, I do think they could use a bit more rice just to give the rolls a bit more substance. With that being said, I still think Simon Sushi is a solid choice for Japanese food out in Langley.

The Good:
- Food tastes good
- Friendly staff
- Inviting dining room

The Bad:
- Prices are a tad high
- The rolls are a bit small

Simon Sushi
#5 - 20178 96th Avenue
Langely, B.C.

Business Hours:
11:30am - 3:00pm, 4:00pm - 8:30pm (Mon - Sat)

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that the reason this restaurant is all by it's lonesome, is because it is a brand new building complex, only built about a month ago, so no other tenants have had time to move in yet. It's not because its in a bad area or location or anything. This area is actually going to be very busy soon witht eh opening of the new Golden Ears Bridge, and new subdivisions going up all around it. Very smart of Simon Sushi to move into this area.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting a picture of their menu! Awesome! This was the only way my co-workers and I were able to find a menu for here (other than going into the restaurant)to be able to see what they offer and their prices. More people should do this for restaurants.

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