Sherman's Food Adventures: Mahek Restaurant

Mahek Restaurant

Met up with an old friend, Toolman, I haven't seen for awhile for lunch today. We originally were going to meet at Yummy Wonton House, which is across the street from where he worked. However, we changed the venue because I really wanted to go somewhere different. I asked around for some suggestions, and I'll give credit to JH and JK for recommending Mahek Restaurant in Surrey.

From the outside, Mahek is very non-descript except for the big blue signage. Also, there was a very nice white Porsche GT3 outside, it appears Mr. Mahek is doing well! Anyways, upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted to an upscale and inviting dining room. The seating arrangement is both comfortable and private since most of the tables are booths. Looking over the menu, most dishes are $10 and up, with rice or naan being extra. However, there is a lunch special that is only $8.95. The lunch special is a fantastic value since it includes either Lamb Curry, Butter Chicken or Vegetable Curry with rice, 2 pieces of Tandoori Chicken and 2 pieces of naan. This meal is similar to many of the other Indian restaurants in the area and in fact, it is $1.00 less than most of them.

It was more than enough food and I was struggling to finish my last piece of naan. The naan was on par with the best ones I've had. It was soft, fluffy and hot. The lamb curry was quite mild with big chunks of meat. The meat was not as tender as I would have liked it, but it certainly wasn't tough either. The butter chicken was smooth and the meat was tender; however, it looked a bit runny. The tandoori chicken was mild and had good flavour, with hits of tumeric and chilli powder. However, it was a bit overcooked. We also ordered soft drinks and to our surprise, it was re-fillable. This is unusual in an Asian restaurant. Although the food was good, Mirch Masala, which is across the street, is better. The service was pretty good, with the waitress coming over to ask if we wanted refills. Overall, Mahek is a decent choice for Indian food in a comfortable setting.

The Good:
- Really nice dining room and comfortable seating
- Portions are decent
- Service is attentive

The Bad:
- Regular menu is a bit pricier than other places
- Mirch Masala across the street is better

Mahek Restaurant
9470 120th Street
Surrey, B.C.
(604) 585-3331

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Anonymous said...

shermanator thanks for the shout out ;) told you it would be good food :)

missypants said...

Wrong website link!!

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