Sherman's Food Adventures: Irish Heather (Long Table Series) Part I

Irish Heather (Long Table Series) Part I

What do you get when you mix a Yum-O-Rama, Secret Eden, Five Loaves, 604 Foodtography, Food and Tell, Foodie Adventures, I'm Only Here for the Food and me at a communal table for some eats? Answer: a bunch of crazy, camera-toting, picture taking foodies. At least that's what I though the rest of the people at Irish Heather's Long Table Series were thinking. There were so many flashes going off, it would've made the paparazzi look tame. You'd think we were covering the Oscars. Rather, it was the Cornish game hen that was getting the celebrity treatment.

We were told to arrive at 6:00 (1/2 hour prior to dinner) so that they could get us all "organized". That made sense; although we were told to wait at the bar at the back (which they probably were hoping that we would have before dinner drinks). Thanks to Kim (I'm Only Here for the Food!), it was a food bloggers paradise. After all, 1/2 Cornish Game Hen, Fries and Coleslaw with a beer for $12.00 is an awesome value. However, in all honesty, the food played second fiddle to fabulous company at the table. Surrounded by people just like me, I could take pictures at will without the slight sense of embarrassment. Of course, all we talked about was food. It's like they let us all out with a day pass because you could see the crazed look on everyone's faces as they proudly talked about their food experiences.

In terms of the food, the hen was cooked nicely without being too dry and the gravy was quite good. It was not salty and provided the necessary moisture for the white meat. Kevin was the pioneer at our table and tossed his utensils in favour of his hands. A few of us followed suit. The fries were crispy and "potatoey"; although they were starting to get cold as our plates arrived. That can be forgiven since there were so many plates to assemble. Despite being crisp, I thought that the coleslaw needed a bit more zing. Not everyone had the same thought, so I guess it's a personal preference of mine. The accompanying beer for the meal was a Steam Whistle Pilsner. It was crisp and refreshing. We also got souvenir bottle openers! The food was a bit on the average side; but whatever the case, let's be honest here. $12.00! You can't beat that price. I can tell you that I'm coming back for more when they release the next dinner series.

The Good:
- Outstanding value
- At a communal table, you can meet some new friends
- The experience is unique and the staff do their best to make you comfortable

The Bad:
- Food was a bit on the average side (but for $12.00, who really cares)
- If you are shy, then the communal table might not be for you

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KimHo said...

Sherman, thanks for coming! Now, the question is... Will you write a post on the follow-up/aftermath, i.e., Dulcinea? Hehehehehe

Sherman Chan said...

You know I will Kim! LOL...

Tam said...

I'm trying to organize this for a large group, how many do you think they can accommodate?

Sherman Chan said...

Tam, I think you can fit 30+ in there.

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