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L.A. Sushi

Generally, I'm not a huge fan of takeout. I actually like eating my food at a restaurant, even with kids in tow. Something about the whole experience. But the most important reason I don't like takeout is it doesn't make for great pictures. Somehow, a Styrofoam box isn't exactly the sexiest serving vessel. Yes, there are times when it cannot be avoided such as food carts or trucks. That's what happened with Coma Food Truck, I just had to make it work. When it comes to actual restaurants I'd much rather get it plated, then stuffed into a box afterwards. Yup, call it obsessive or OCD; but that's the way I roll. Sometimes it is so confusing, the server boxes it up anyways, much like the time at Wing Yuen.

On my way home from work, I was not in the mood to cook. So I stopped at L.A. Sushi and grabbed a few items. Much like the time I got takeout from Hong Sushi, I had to resort to "plating" it at home. The first item was Salmon Sashimi. As evidenced in the picture, the pieces were large and fresh looking. They were indeed quite good being buttery while not mushy. Just because it looks nice in pictures, I got several pieces of Nigiri including tuna, salmon, unagi and chopped scallop. For no apparent reason, they gave me an extra piece of tuna. You gotta love owner/operators who really care about customer relations. Once again, the ingredients were fresh and aesthetically pleasing. As for the sushi rice, it was on the gummier side of the continuum. You can clearly see this in the picture.

Looking at menu, I noticed that the specialty rolls were reasonably-priced, so I ended up ordering 2 of them. The Crispy Roll was recommended by the chef as the most popular among their customers. The inside was essentially a dynamite roll with ebi tempura, imitation crab and avocado. On the outside, there were crispy bits soaked in a sweet and spicy sauce. I really liked the sauce, it provided all the flavour necessary without the need for soy or wasabi. I liked how it had a discernible kick. However, the same gummy sushi rice somewhat muted the experience. Once again, the sushi rice did the same number on the Tiger Roll. On the inside it was a California roll and on the outside, there was alternating design of avocado and ebi (looking like a green tiger?). The ingredients were good and the roll itself was pretty good. However, if there was less of the gummy rice, it would've been much better. It's too bad really about the rice. I will give them a mulligan though because the rest of the items were fresh and prepared nicely. Furthermore, the sushi chef/owner is extremely friendly. Pretty decent value for above average sushi.

The Good:
- Decent value
- Friendly/personable owner

The Bad:
- The sushi rice I had was a bit gummy

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PH said...

Thanks for reviewing this place.. I have to drive on 10th to get to my girlfriends and always have wondered about the place..the kfc right beside it has kept me out of that little strip mall.

shokutsu said...

Ha, you made it to this little place too. I never did a full write up, just a quickie on UrbanSpoon instead. I've been a few times and with you on the rice and the friendly staff. Not fantastic but not horrifically bad either.

Sherman Chan said...

@Peter Yah, the reason I know about this place is that I've been to the KFC many times... to get popcorn chicken... LOL...

@shokutsu Agreed. I drive by it like every day!

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