Sherman's Food Adventures: Brit's Landing

Brit's Landing

*Now Salty's*

Sometimes, when there is a location where restaurants come and go like Canuck bandwagon jumpers, one has to be nervous. After all, why do restaurants not succeed here? That would be case of Brit's Landing. This is the third version of a fish 'n chip joint in the last couple of years. At first, it was the longtime tenant, the Sea Shanty. Then it became the Dock House and shortly afterwards, what we see now as Brit's Landing. Apparently, there are new owners. With some subtle renovations, the interior is still mostly the same. In fact, the lady who served me is the same as before. So at the very least, they kept the staff.

When it comes to fish 'n chips, there are not many choices in North Delta. We have Ocean Ave, Saturday's and if we stretch it a bit, Mr. Pickwick's. I've been to them all and Ocean Ave is the best of the bunch by far. Saturday's and Mr. Pickwick's cannot even be called fish 'n chips in my opinion. So lucky for me, it happened to be All-You-Can-Eat Wednesday on my visit. Not that I was that hungry; but the AYCE price was even cheaper than their regular menu. To change it up a bit, I went for their AYCE Fish, Shrimp and Chips for $15.00 (AYCE Fish 'n Chips is $12.00). When my order arrived, there was more than enough to feed a hungry person. In order to eat more, one would have to be really hungry. I started with the fried shrimp first and they were actually quite good. Within the crunchy breading, there was cold-water shrimp. Although, I did find the cocktail sauce to be too sour.

The fresh-cut chips were hot and crunchy. It was a little on the dry side; but not overly so. The cod fillet was large and flaky. It was fried up crispy on the outside and wasn't too oily. The batter was pretty minimal. It did start to get slightly soggy on the bottom of the piece of fish though. Yet, that really didn't bother me that much. I found the tartar sauce to be acceptable. It was on par with places such as C Lover's and Pajo's. So all-in-all, it was a pretty satisfying AYCE meal even though I didn't put in a second order. I'm still not convinced that the food is significantly different from the previous place, if at all. However, that is not a bad thing really since the food was decent the last time around. Brit's Landing does the job for a reasonable price. I would say it ranks a very close second to Ocean Ave (in terms of North Delta that is...)

The Good:
- Reasonable pricing
- Food is what you'd expect, no more, no less

The Bad:
- Batter on fish could've been more crisp
- Nit-picking here... the cocktail sauce needs improvement

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KimHo said...

Are you sure they aren't pulling a Chinese? You know, the open a restaurant and, when it is close the fiscal year, they close to re-open under a different name. Same staff, same menu!

Sherman Chan said...

@KimHo It could be!

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