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So many times, there are restaurants with interesting food. That can draw people from far and wide. Then there are times where the location of the restaurant is the draw. It's even better if both the food and location are interesting. Call it the strange food in a strange location phenomenon. It's almost like finding treasure on a desert island. For the one who made the discovery, it is almost like a badge of honour. Well, I wasn't looking for treasure nor was I wanting any badge of honour on this food adventure. I merely just wanted to eat something other than fast food in Ladner. Yes, it's true. Ladner is not really a great place to grab interesting eats. Other than La Belle Auberge, there are not many places one would drive out here to visit. So on my way in, I took a slight detour off Ladner Trunk Road into the Boundary Bay Airport. Nope, I wasn't leaving town to eat; rather I was paying a visit to Skyhawk.

A completely random restaurant in a hidden location, this was the something different I was looking for. For those who have not been out here, the restaurant is actually quite nice inside with high ceilings and a fabulous view. In terms of the menu, well, it is an eclectic mix of typical American food with a dash of Chinese and some near-gourmet items for dinner. Since I am a masochist, I started with a bowl of Wor Wonton Soup. Hey, the kitchen staff were Asian. I thought to myself: "why not?". Believe it or not, it was actually decent. The broth was somewhat close to an real wonton soup (which is light brown in colour). I wouldn't say it was extremely flavourful; but it wasn't bland nor plain salt water either. As for the wontons themselves, I was in total shock when I bit into them. There was shrimp! Yes, in a non-Asian restaurant in Ladner at the Boundary Bay Airport, we had semi-authentic wontons... In addition, the pork filling had a nice texture while being seasoned nicely (with hints of white pepper and sesame oil). The only problem I had with this wonton soup was the price. For $12.00, I was expecting something a bit more substantial.

I ended up ordering their MOT Burger for my main. Now, the burger itself was nothing special; but boy was the beef patty cooked perfectly. I haven't had a juicy burger in some time and this was moist and juicy. The fries were your typical frozen type; but once again, it was cooked properly being crispy. Now trying 2 dishes was not enough for me. Thus, I returned again for some more. This time, I brought Ma and Snake Eyes with me. For me, I started with a large Poutine. as you can see, this would never pass off as a true poutine since the cheese (which were not cheese curds) was completely melted. I like a tad of melted cheese; but that was too much. The gravy wasn't bad, it had the right consistency and enough flavour. This was essentially a poutine in name only.

For my main, I decided to try a breakfast item in the Corned Beef Hash. This was a pretty basic; yet nicely made hash. Simply shredded hashbrowns and brisket corned beef, this was good if not unexciting. The hashbrowns were pretty good being fluffy with a touch of crispiness. With my choice of eggs, I went for poached and they were done perfectly. Snake Eyes did the unthinkable and had the MOT Burger (darn duplicates...), so nothing to talk about there. On the other hand, Ma had her favourite - the Beef Dip. She thought the roast beef was quite tender; but there wasn't really enough of it. The dip was very flavourful with the addition of caramelized onions. Overall, a solid beef dip. Considering the location of the restaurant, the food is surprisingly good. Again, it's not going to knock anyone's socks off; yet, it does the job in a pleasant environment. With that being said, the prices are a bit confusing. Some items are reasonably-priced while some are not. Furthermore, for each time I was there, the wait for the food to arrive was approximately 30 minutes. Not a huge deal for me; but it could be if you were in a rush.

The Good:
- Solid food for what it is
- Comfortable surroundings
- Good service

The Bad:
- Food comes out slow
- The Chinese food is grossly overpriced

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LotusRapper said...

$12 for Wor Wontons ?!?

Funny about your review, as I recall a fantastic meal I had at Bellingham Int'l Airport (BIL) in the '90s. They've since closed the restaurant. But the food was surprisingly very good and priced lower than it should have been.

How much were the burger plates ?

Sherman Chan said...

@LR Yes, the Chinese food is grossly overpriced. When it is more expensive than the non-Asian food, there is an issue. The burgers are around $10 - $12.

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