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Britannia Sushi

Due to the many kid's birthday parties that fell on Sundays, I have missed a month's worth of hockey. Worse yet, I missed 4 eating opportunities too! Determined to reverse this trend, I ignored the fact it was Father's Day and not only played hockey, I was determined to eat afterwards. JuJu declared in the locker room that eating was not in the cards since he had Father's Day plans. Pffft... Where's the eating dedication??? No matter, Milhouse had finally come out for the Sunday morning session of hockey and I knew he was up for eats after. Upon hearing this, JuJu was hurt. He felt like yesterday's trash, thrown out just like that. I must admit it. He's no good to me if he ain't eating. The plain hard cold facts! See if he wants to eat out with me ever again!

After we were done, Kaiser Soze pipes up that he only had about 1 hour to eat. Wow, that's not much time if we had to factor in driving. Hence, we went somewhere close by to the rink which turned out to be Britannia Sushi. I know, I know... This is another one of those non-Japanese run mediocre sushi joints. Trust me, I am fully aware of that. Just call this a "convenience" influenced eating destination. Despite the plethora of combo options, I opted to order a la carte. I started with a small order of Salmon and Tun Sashimi. The slices of fish were very thick and actually not too bad. I would say they were middle of the road. I actually thought the salmon was rather sweet. The tuna was a bit too cold; but I'm nitpicking. Being somewhat different, the Ebi Salad Dragon Roll was not what we see typically in a "dragon roll". Instead of the centre being either a California Roll or Dynamite Roll, it consisted of chopped ebi and masago mixed with mayo. The familiar unagi topped the outside of the roll. Although the whole thing was essentially one texture, which was mushy, I didn't mind the flavours. It was predominant sweet; but it was at least different than any other Dragon Roll I've ever had. The rice on the other hand lacked bite and flavour.

For my "main" I had a Teriyaki Chicken & Tempura Don. Yah, I wasn't exactly inspired today, I just wanted to get full. I found the tempura to be coated with far too much batter. It was too crunchy and the ebi got kinda lost in there. The teriyaki chicken was overcooked and dry. Event the large amount of sauce couldn't save it. At the very least, I didn't find the sauce too sweet. Surprisingly, the rice was actually very good. It was chewy with loads of bite. For some reason or another, the Bento Box that Milhouse got escaped my attention. You see, it had practically everything that I had ordered for half the price in one box. Well, the sushi was different; but it was close enough. He pretty much echoed my experience especially with the dry teriyaki chicken. Kaiser Soze had a combo which included Teriyaki Chicken, Sushi and Udon. I guess third time was the charm as he reiterated the dry chicken. I guess they were consistent on this one, consistently bad. In his opinion, he thought the teriyaki sauce was too salty. The same could be said about the broth for the udon. The noodles were fine; but the broth killed it. Well, I guess this is really another mediocre sushi joint. Boy there are a lot of these around Vancouver. At the very least, the place has renovated (which is a good thing according to how dirty it was before) and the prices are good.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Lots of combo choices

The Bad:
- Food is "meh"

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