Sherman's Food Adventures: Bob's Burgers & Brew

Bob's Burgers & Brew

Normally, whenever we head to the Seattle Premium Outlets, it would not be complete without a visit to Eagles Buffet in the Tulalip Casino Resort. Okay, it isn't amazing food, but for the price (especially for lunch), it does the job. However, this time around (on our way to our Alaskan cruise leaving out of Seattle), we decided to hit up Bob's Burgers and Brew. Yes, it is a chain restaurant, but Viv had tried it out last time and it was acceptable. It was amusing that my dad remarked how there weren't any Asians eating at Bob's. I quickly exclaimed that, "They're all at the buffet!". LOL...

My parents shared a Beef Dip which was split nicely onto 2 plates. Funny how we initially assumed that one plate represented an entire order. That alone was enough food for one person. The roast beef was tender, yet had this "Arby's" thing going on where it looked more like ham. The dip itself was pretty generic. For their side, they had the Clam Chowder which was thick and flavourful. It wasn't creamy per se, but it was fine for what it was. Viv decided on the Fish Burger. When it arrived, we were shocked to see 2 large fried pieces of cod. Look at the picture... There was easily twice the amount of fish one would find at Red Robin. The fish itself was fried up crunchy where there was no softening of the batter up until the last bite. Sufficiently moist and flaky, the large pieces of fish barely stayed within the confines of the soft bun. A chunky tartar sauce was served on the side. She had the Split Pea & Ham Soup as her side and it was thick, salty and full of ham.

For myself, I went for Bob's Bonanza Burger because it was the biggest, baddest option on the menu. When it was placed on the table, a large pool of oil began to form as it dripped from the overhanging bacon. Yah, this was a heart-stopping collection of 2 large beef patties, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, cheese and lots of mayo. This was a messy, run-down-your-arm burger which could've benefited from a bit less grease. It seemed like they poured the butter from the sauteed mushrooms onto the burger as well as the bacon grease from the pan as well. I liked the burger despite this and the beef was slightly dry. My son inexplicably chose the Kraft Mac n' Cheese. Dude, I can make that at home for less than $1.00! Anyways, it was predictable and the fries on the side were actually quite good being crispy and light. My daughter had the chicken strips and they were, well... chicken strips. As you can see, the food ain't fancy here nor is it very imaginative. But Bob's offers up predictable food for a reasonable price. Did the job for us this time.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Predictable food
- Good service

The Bad:
- Predictable food
- Greasy

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KimHo said...

I believe the picture of one of the dishes is missing: the chicken strips. I guess it being so generic, you would have an idea of how it looks like!

I did notice something interesting in your burger - and it is not related to the fat (cheese) on fat (dripping butter?) on fat (bacon). Rather, the side you ordered with it was... A salad?! :)

I have been to that Bob's you have been. It is indeed a case of it is what it is. Nothing fancy but does what it is supposed to do. Now, the question would be: would you draw a parallel of a similar place in Vancouver? A more sports-bar higher-end (?!) Red Robin?

LotusRapper said...

Wow I haven't been to BB&B since their original location in Lynden.

Funny, we were down in B'ham over the long wknd and as we walked along Railroad Ave from La our Fiamma pizza dinner towards Mallard's for ice cream treat, we walked by BB&B and I thought to myself why we haven't eaten there yet. We had La Fiamma burger across the street and they're pretty good, but it'd be nice to have had a few at Bob's for comparison's sake. I hear Little Cheerful Diner also has a mean variety of burgers, but that's for yet another trip .......

Sherman Chan said...

@KimHo Like Red Robin in my books.

@LR BBB is okay. Does the job, nothing more, nothing less...

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