Sherman's Food Adventures: One More Thai

One More Thai

As soon as one "Thai" restaurant closed on Scott Road, another opened up not too far away.  I put Thai in quotations because Crystal Elephant Range was not an authentic Thai restaurant.  On that note, we must remember a restaurant is in business to make money and that is why most of the time, it serves to appeal to the general public (not the small percentage of authentic-craving food aficionados).  The new Thai restaurant is One More Thai, now occupying the space of the former Ming Shing (which wasn't very good).  Since Snake Eyes and I were on the prowl for food, it seemed like a good idea to hit up the newly opened restaurant.

Now unlike many other Thai restaurants, One More Thai doesn't have inexpensive lunch specials.  In fact, all of their lunch offerings are over $10.00.  However, the extras included with each meal are extensive. Case in point, all 3 of entrees included Green Papaya Salad.  Now this was essentially a green salad with some julienned green papaya and ground peanuts on top.  This was unlike any other green papaya salad I've ever seen, which clearly identified the place as not being very authentic.  If we take that out of the equation, it was fine as a salad.  Everything was crisp and crunchy while the dressing had some Thai flavours, in particular, fish sauce and chili.  For one of our entrees, it included a Tom Yum Soup.  In a general sense, the soup was alright since the usual flavours were present such as galangal, fish sauce and kaffir lime, but it could've been spicier.

For the other 2 entrees, an order of Roti which looked suspiciously like the Malay version, was included.  Whatever...  we had already established that we weren't dealing with authentic Thai food anyways. The outside of the roti was very crispy while the inside was doughy and probably needed more cooking.  We liked the dip though as it was spicy and aromatic.  The first entree to arrive was the Pad Thai.  It looked more like a Chinese stir-fried noodle with its large pieces of chicken and completely incorporated ingredients.  Flavourwise, it had a tinge of sweet chili sauce and ketchup (but not overly so) and a decent amount of spice.  I would've liked to see more tang (in the form of tamarind), some pickled turnips and pressed tofu.  It was a pretty large portion though.

We also got a Beef Red Curry which arrived with a pleasing colour.  The curry itself had a nice consistency and a decent amount of spice and aromatics.  The peppers were nice, but we would've liked to see more bamboo shoots.  As for the beef, it was tenderized with baking soda, hence it compromised the flavours.  Again, that was a Chinese cooking technique.  Lastly, we had the Chicken Green Curry which was pretty decent with plenty of ingredients (except there was no eggplant).  The sauce had the typical flavours of a green curry paste and coconut milk.  Now if you can probably guess, the food at One More Thai is pretty much a hybrid of Chinese and Malay with Thai.  For me, I can accept that if the food is decent providing good value.  In that case, One More Thai achieves that.  For those who cry foul at any opportunity that something is not authentic.  Well, then you best move along...

The Good:
- Good portions
- Despite slightly higher prices, the value is still there
- Friendly proprietors

The Bad:
- Not authentic (if you care)
- Lack of parking (lot is always full)

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