Sherman's Food Adventures: Street Meet

Street Meet

Now that I've eaten quite a few meals with Whipping Girl as of late, her expectations have changed.  No longer is she merely satisfied with the occasional "foody call", she wants to eat all-of-the-time!  Um...  I'm not Mijune you know...  Anyways, she suggested we go get some Street Meet...  In particular, some balls... Uh...  This was a foody call right?  Not a booty call! What kinda street food was she getting me into?!?!?!

Ultimately, what she was referring to were the Crispy Risotto Balls at Street Meet.  These were filled with homemade Italian sausage and topped with basil truffle aioli.  The exterior was crunchy while the risotto was a tad mushy (yet if it weren't, the whole thing would fall apart).  The sausage was slightly hidden, but it definitely announced itself with each bite.  Therefore, the whole thing was a touch salty. But Whipping Girl didn't mind it, I guess she likes salty balls!  The aioli was a nice touch as it was herby and earthy.

One item that really caught my eye was the Pork Belly Bites.  Hey I like anything bacon, or baconesque! These were really meaty and not all that fatty.  Personally, I prefer that since there was more "substance".  Consequently, the bites were not melt-in-my-mouth soft.  I didn't mind that as the meat was not dry nor chewy.  That was somewhat alleviated by the zesty agro dolce sauce.  There was a considerable rosemary hit which complimented the pork.  Served on the side were crispy house made kettle chips.  With appetizers out-of-the-way, we proceeded to the meat (sorry for the pun) of the meal.  I decided to go for the Grilled Lamb Burger. The patty was super juicy and grilled to a perfect medium-rare.  It was sandwiched in between a sesame bun which was just dense enough to hold up to the ingredients.  The condiments included tangy tzatziki which was amped with feta, arugula and red onion.  I would definitely eat this burger again.

As for Whipping Girl, I ordered her the Herb Chicken Sandwich because she doesn't like lamb.  It consisted of a orange-marinated grilled chicken breast, tarragon aioli, stewed red peppers, red onion, tomato and arugula.  The chicken was somewhat thin while not dry.  There was a good char and the herbs really stood out.  There was some pepperiness to go with the sweet peppers.  I didn't mind the sandwich, but I much preferred the lamb burger.  Overall, the food at Street Meet was pretty good, however, the price point is on the higher side.  It appears that food cart pricing North of $10.00 is quickly becoming the norm.

The Good:
- Pretty decent eats
- Bold flavours

The Bad:
- Somewhat pricey

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