Sherman's Food Adventures: Yummy Tea House

Yummy Tea House

Playing late night hockey games is nothing new to me. Thus, eating late and going to bed at some unholy hour comes with the territory. However, I've been lazy of late. No, not lazy in terms of participating in sports. Rather, I have come up dry with ideas for late night eats. This was the case when Gordo and I just finished up a game at Richmond Ice. Where to eat? Uh... Naturally, I wanted to try something different, so we merely cruised down restaurant row on Alexandra. We made it nearly to the end when we spotted Yummy Tea House. Hey, it was open... Okay, this was a total blind visit. I never even bothered to refer to past reviews or ratings on Urbanspoon. Oh how would I learn to regret this...

As per usual, Gordo ordered his Mango Slush, which was not bad. It was on the sweeter side and a bit candy-like, yet it was blended smooth. He wasn't too picky since he was pretty thirsty from hockey. We decided to share some Chicken Nuggets since it seemed like the right thing to do at a Taiwanese joint. When it arrived, we were thoroughly confused. Um... Did we order the wrong item? What we got was a dozen small little "popcorn" chicken nuggets that suspiciously looked like the ones from Costco. One taste and yup, they were indeed the same popcorn chicken. I served them at parties... Kinda disappointing when I was expecting Taiwanese crispy salty peppery chicken nuggets. At the very least, they were fried nice and crisp.

For my main, I went for another Taiwanese classic being the Spicy Beef Noodles. Once again, what arrived didn't coincide with my expectations. Looking at it, I was a bit concerned. It looked more like stewed beef and noodles. Well, it was a whole lot better than it looked because the noodles were al dente and the broth was indeed spicy. The beef was tender and quite fatty. I couldn't say I disliked the noodles, yet it was not what I thought it would be. When I had already finished my bowl of noodles, Gordo's dish finally arrived (couldn't they wait for his to be ready before they made mine???). He had the Fried Vermicelli with meat and veggies. It wasn't bad per se, yet the pool of grease at the bottom of the plate was rather unappetizing. Too bad really since the noodles had a nice chewy texture and the veggies were crisp. All this time, we didn't see our server once. She just disappeared. We had to resort to going up to the counter to get our bill and pay. What a strange experience... Maybe I'll not do a random food adventure next time.

The Good:
- Open late
- Comfortable dining space

The Bad:
- Food isn't necessarily bad, but it is just not one would expect it to be
- Service? What service?

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