Sherman's Food Adventures: The Crab Pot (Bellevue)

The Crab Pot (Bellevue)

I believe there are 2 types of fads - general fads and personal fads. A personal fad (could be an obssesion too)? What the heck is that? My recent fascination with boiled seafood dumped on the table seems to have hit a "fad-like" level. Ironically, it started off with a crappy experience at Crawfish King (Richmond location). Undeterred, I went to Crawdaddy in San Jose and more recently, Cray Kitchen in Vancouver. And just prior to our cruise out of Seattle, we headed over to the Crab Pot for more messing eating. Okay, before the haters start leaving rude comments, I realize that this ain't the cheapest way to eat nor am I ranting about Crawfish King... But, this was a good way to compare and we wanted to go for the experience as well.

The adults at the table (yes, that included me despite what Viv thinks!) shared the Westport (for $25.95pp) which included clams, mussels, shrimp, dungeness crab, snow crab, Andouille sausage, corn and potatoes. We got a Sourdough Loaf to start. Although it was served cold, the bread was still quite nice with a chew on the outside. Now I read many complaints about how the food is not enough for the price. Okay, I would beg to differ. C'mon, how much food do 4 people really need? We struggled to finish everything and in fact, left some potatoes and sausage on the table. Sure, the shrimp and mussels were overcooked, but not so much that it was inedible. The crab and clams turned out fine. I guess they might look into staggering their preparation of the variety of seafood. The potatoes were soft while not falling apart. The sausage was in small slices and became hard after the cooking process. It would've been nice for larger, thicker pieces. The corn was slightly past done, but it was still plump and sweet. The spicy seasoning salt on the outside worked well with the sweetness of the seafood.

My daughter had the Fish n' Chips which was a decent portion for $5.00. The batter was crunchy (and I mean crunchy) and stayed that way to the last bite. The fish was firm and flaky while the fries were crisp. My son decided to to be boring and had Chicken Tenders at a seafood joint. They were more like chicken filets more than anything being moist and crispy. Overall, we had a good experience at the Crab Pot. Was the food perfect? Of course not. They do overcook some of the seafood and yes it isn't the cheapest way to eat, but it was fine for what it is. At the very least, we were full and didn't think we were ripped off or anything. One thing they might want to look at is the staffing. Not that they weren't nice and all, but our server was nowhere to be found in stretches.

The Good:
- For those who want a different experience
- Not particularly inexpensive, but we didn't find it outrageous either

The Bad:
- Some of the seafood was overcooked
- Where did our server go?


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Red Light Raciot thought it wasn't too bad. He had a good time.

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