Sherman's Food Adventures: Pho Phu Thinh

Pho Phu Thinh

Highly anticipated, the opening of the first few Target stores in the Lower Mainland have garnered much attention and curiosity.  Now we all know that Target in the States is known for good prices along with a pleasant shopping experience.  With that in mind, Viv and I decided to check out the Coquitlam Mall location for ourselves.  Talk about failure to launch.  Yes, we liked the store itself as it resembled any other Target we've been to.  Also, it was a bit trippy as we felt we were transported to the States all of a sudden.  But the prices were no different than what we'd find at the local Walmart (maybe even a bit more).  We didn't stay long, instead heading over to Pho Phu Thinh across the parking lot for some grub.

As per usual, we started with a bowl of Pho Dac Biet which was pretty decent. The soup was sweet with savoury elements.  There was some meatiness and of course MSG.  The noodles were not overcooked while the meats were mostly tender except the brisket which was a touch dry.  Next, we shared the Lemongrass Chicken and Fried Vietnamese Ham on Rice. We liked the chicken as it was charred nicely which gave a sweet caramelized flavour.  It was also juicy and tender.  As for the ham, it was fried a bit too much where it became rubbery and hard. 

Lastly (partly because they forgot), we had the Banh Mi Dac Biet.  We thought the bread was on the denser side, but still had a good crunch.  There was a bit too much pickled carrot for our liking and not enough meat.  Furthermore, the lack of pate greatly reduced the layers of flavour. Much like many of the other Vietnamese joints in town, Pho Phu Thinh did the job with little fanfare.  Despite the absent-mindedness of the service, it was very friendly and welcoming.

The Good:
- Warm and friendly service
- Place is pretty clean
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Parking lot can get busy at times
- Food expedition was a bit slow and one item was missed

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