Sherman's Food Adventures: Ossie's Deli & Meats

Ossie's Deli & Meats

Ah Pt. Roberts, how I love thee.  A hacked-off portion of the Tsawwassen peninsula belonging to the USA which serves as a great place to ship things and to get gas.  Armed with my Nexus and reciepts (don't forget these!), I made my way over to pick up my latest purchases.  But wait, I couldn't do that without making a pitstop at Chill and Bubbly's place first.  Why?  Well, let's just say if I didn't drop off my photo gear, laptop and iPad, I would have a lot of explaining to do if I was searched.

As I was leaving, I mentioned to Bubbly that I was heading over to Ossie's Deli (on a recommendation from a reader) for some lunch.  She left Chill with the kids to join me for some sandwiches (sounds familiar...).  Anyways, I decided to have something different and went for their Schnitzel Oscar "Burger" with shrimp, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and cheese. For a sandwich consisting of premade main ingredients, it was pretty enjoyable.  The pounded pork schnitzel was a bit dry (but not tough) and naturally lacking a bit in crispiness while the shrimp were typical.  However, combined together on a soft, yet not dense bun, it was solid sandwich considering the venue and price point ($6.75).  On the side, I had a bowl of Split Pea Soup ($4.25) which was pleasingly hot (temperature-wise).  It was smooth with little bits of onion, peas, ham and carrots.  It was very mild in flavour where I could taste some of the individual components.

Bubbly had what she usually orders at Ossie's being the Chicken Burger.  It was constructed of 2 breaded chicken breasts with melted cheddar and veggies.  Again, for premade ingredients, the chicken was more than acceptable and not dry.  I decided to grab one more item to go being the Rueben. It was made with the usual ingredients including corned beef, sauerkraut and mustard.  Again, nothing life-changing, but solid nonetheless with crunchy bread, plenty of Dijon and a decent amount of ingredients.  As you can clearly ascertain, Ossie's is a humble little deli in Tsawwassen.  They serve up honest food for a reasonable price.  Works for me.

The Good:
- Honest people
- Honest food

The Bad:
- It's good, but won't light your world on fire (but it wasn't meant to)
- Can get rather busy, so you'll have to be patient

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