Sherman's Food Adventures: ZETA Cafe


Sometimes, I really wonder why North Burnaby has such a pathetic selection of Asian food.  Sure, there are a few decent Japanese restaurants, but really, that's about it.  Good Dim Sum?  Nope.  Korean?  Nada.  Vietnamese?  Maybe.  Heck, we don't even have any bubble tea joints except for Pearl Drops on Willingdon.  So what gives?  It's not like there aren't any Asian people living in the area.  I think it's like 50% of the population.  Maybe everyone heads out to Richmond or something?  Could be.  Even I do that despite my disdain for the traffic.  Yet, have no fear, ZETA is here. Yup, where M&M used to stand, a brand-new bubble tea has appeared.

After our meal at Sushi Town, we decided to check the place out because Viv loves bubble tea.  To my daughter's dismay, Viv went for the Milk Tea with pearls and coconut jelly. Yes, she wanted something fruity, but Viv didn't give in.  The milk tea was pretty balanced with a certain milkiness and moderate sweetness.  Not bad for the price.  Now, unlike Viv, I did give in and ordered a Mango Slush with rainbow jelly.  Suddenly, I was the best dad in the world.  The slush was a little watery, but did have a decent mango flavour without tasting like candy.  With the jelly, it was a little pricey being $5.50.  Yet, we enjoyed out drinks and will probably be back because for us, it is now the closest bubble tea joint.

The Good:
- The people seem friendly
- Decent bubble tea

The Bad:
- A little pricey, but not out of the ordinary

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Edgar said...

Their Gelato is pretty good as well. A while back they had a facebook promo where it was 5 dollars for a scoop and any bubble tea off their menu!

Sherman Chan said...

@Edgar Thanks for the tip. Gonna try it!

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