Sherman's Food Adventures: Sheila's Deli & Catering

Sheila's Deli & Catering

If you've noticed, I try my best to make it out to the far-reaches of the GVRD in search of good food.  However, I'm sure it is not lost upon you that the GVRD is a pretty big area to cover.  One particular area that I have not done a whole lot of is White Rock/South Surrey.  But with an impending lunch scheduled with Pops (a fine resident of White Rock), Mrs. Spray Bottle and I decided to head out in his direction.  Now it would be really easy to head down either to Marine Drive or Johnston Road for eats, but we paid Sheila's Deli & Catering instead.

Only open for lunch, the menu is mainly comprised of sandwiches and soups.  Now, don't let the simplicity fool you, I find it a lot harder to make something interesting that is normally quite basic. Every sandwich comes with a soup and I decided to try the Boston Clam Chowder.  It was thick and rich without being creamy.  I liked the brothy quality as it was not heavy and flavourful with a plethora of herbs, bacon and clam essence.  In terms of ingredients, there was a bounty of tender chunky potatoes and tender clam meat.  As for my sandwich, I went for the BBQ Beef Brisket on a wonderfully soft ciabatta bun.  There was a good deal of tender meaty brisket (which was not fatty) bathed in a sweet and thick BBQ sauce.  This was truly messy, yet delicious at the same time.

Pops and Mrs. Spray Bottle ended up ordering the same item since it came highly recommended.  First, they had the Carrot and Ginger Lentil Soup. This was really flavourful with a considerable ginger hit as well as the sweetness of carrots.  I wouldn't say it was balanced, but we love ginger and it worked for us.  Now for the recommended sandwich - the Westcoast Club House.  A club house?  Hey, remember when I said that the simplest things are the hardest to make interesting?  Well, this one was indeed good.  From the fresh bread to the house-roasted turkey, fresh tomato and avocado to the crispy bacon, this was a well-constructed sandwich.  The icing on the cake was the slightly spicy paprika aioli.

For dessert, we all had the mound otherwise known as the Chocolate Chip Cookie.  This substantial offering was chock full of chips while the exterior was crispy while the inside was soft. Now for some people, the food we had just doesn't look anything beyond a soup and sandwich joint.  But consider this, Sheila's is a good soup and sandwich joint with reasonable prices complete with wonderful people.  I'd go back.

The Good:
- Wonderful people
- Quality ingredients, quality food

The Bad:
- Really not enough parking
- They might consider putting their other products on the lunch menu (if that is possible)

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Jade said...

Batty and Sheila are such a nice couple. They do amazing catering and work really hard to be creative and delicious. They have quite a following out here in South Surrey for those of us who know about them.... they are kind of hidden away and unobtrusive so they can easily be missed. Thanks to reviews like yours though they will be even more 'discovered'.

tony said...

YA Sherman....stop ''discovering'' these unknown food gems and blabbing it to whole lower mainland population. I suggest you just quietly email me your food discoveries with scratch and sniff photos of the food , if possible. :)

LotusRapper said...

How did the Aussie pies smell, Tony ? ;-)

tony said...

they smelled very Fishy. :) 0k...i have a request. I really enjoyed Angie's cooking at the Sweet Chilli Cafe at 5438 Victoria Drive in Vancouver but she closed it down. How about you and your crew go discover ''the best Indonesian'' restaurant in Vancouver-Burnaby? hopefully with the best beef rendang....and hopefully you won't be ripped off with a $16 take out dish like i was (the container held about 5 tablespoons of rendang beef!). I won't mention the name of the place..just say it rhymes with ''Malilicious'' Modern Indonesian.

LotusRapper said...

@Tony - I like the beef rendang at Kedah House (SE Marine Drive at Argyle, in plaza where Visions Electronics is). They have a-la-carte and AYCE buffet (We/Th nights; Fri->Sun all day) for $12.99. Used to be $10. Check their reviews on Urbanspoons. V. decent beef rendang for the price, IMHO.

tony said...

hi LotusRapper...thanks for the info. I'm aware of Kedah and the AYCE. Their online menu is a bit of a mess. I just wanted to pick up a few dishes to go and i popped over in person, the young girl/cashier said it was only i left. Phoned in another time and i enquired again...after her usually cluelessness she said i could order dishes to pick up. I will try them once more. :)

Sherman Chan said...

@Jade Yes totally agree! Wonderful people. Yah, I just want to find good food all around the GVRD!

@Tony LOL. I want to show people that Vancouver is not the only place to find good food! :) Okay, will go eat Indonesian food...

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