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Days Thai

Okay, you know those restaurants that are way, way down on your "to dine at" list?  Yup, I have many of those.  I see them all the time and figure I'd get to them eventually, but I really wouldn't make much of an effort to do so.  One of those is Days Thai out on Edmonds.  There have been some close calls as I have almost stopped to eat there and in fact, one time I was at the 7-11 next door.  It was that close!  Finally, Viv and I were out-of-ideas and took the plunge.

Looking over the menu, I kept flipping back to the set meals due the "better deal" it offered.  In reality, it just meant we would get spring rolls, satay and rice included in the package.  With that, that's what we started with. I thought the Chicken Satay was pretty good where each skewer was packed with moist chicken meat.  There was a good char as well as a decent curry marinade.  I wasn't a huge fan of the overly peanut buttery sauce though.  As for the Spring Rolls, they were plenty crunchy but lacked filling.  It was like eating hollow rolls.

In addition to overhearing the staff speak Mandarin, the size of the next dish was a dead giveaway that this was not authentic Thai.  The Basil Beef was large enough to make 4 dishes at other Thai restaurants (very Chinese portion size).  Thirdly, the beef was tenderized which is indicative of Cantonese-style cooking rather than Thai.  With those things being said, the dish wasn't bad as there was good wok heat affording crunchy peppers and caramelized meat.  They were a bit heavy handed with the palm sugar though.

Next up was the Chicken Green Curry that featured large slices of breast meat.  It was sufficiently tender, yet probably would've been best if they cut it up into smaller pieces.  The sauce was a bit too thin for our tastes as it was very mild and lacking in any strong flavours.  Lastly, we had the Pad Thai which was easily 3 times larger than most.  As you can clearly see, they used ketchup which made the whole thing yearning for zip.  On the positive side, they did use pressed tofu and pickled turnip while the rice noodles were toothsome.  Now if it wasn't apparent to you while reading this post, I'll spell it out - this was not really Thai food.  Rather, it was a Chinese interpretation.  With that being said, it was edible and the portion size, ridiculous.

The Good:
- Really large portions
- Decent value

The Bad:
- Not really Thai food
- We got decent service, but witnessed a take out customer being treated with impatience

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Wendy said...

Eeeee I've always driven by this place too but never took the plunge... Thanks for braving it first!!

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