Sherman's Food Adventures: Railway Club

Railway Club

Boy, I haven't had eats with Vandelay for a very long time.  Seems like he is always busy with the kids.  Wait, why am I not busy?  Hmm...  Viv better not be reading this!  Anyways, we decided to meet up at The Railway Club for some barley sandwiches. As I attempted to take a picture of the front, it appeared that I would have to stand right in the bike lane to get a wide enough shot.  Finally, the bike lane was put to good use!

We decided to share 2 items starting with the Rueben accompanied by a Creamy Vegetable Soup.  The sandwich was pretty typical with corned beef, melted cheese and sauerkraut.  The exterior was crispy while the meat inside was on the drier side.  I felt the whole thing could've used more meat, yet the inclusion of hot mustard really amped the flavours.  As for the soup, it was more watery than creamy, but there was a decent amount of veggies.  Flavourwise, it was pretty mild.

Our second item was the Derailer Burger with a house-made patty, blue cheese, bacon and the usual stuff on a soft bun.  I liked how the bun was moist and airy, but they "stabilized" it by placing the burger in a sandwich press for a touch.  The patty itself was not juicy, yet was not too dry either.  The burger was saucy and messy.  Love the Cajun Wedges as they were crunchy with a touch of spice.  Although far from great food, the stuff we had at the Railway Club filled our tummies without offending.

The Good:
- Relatively inexpensive
- Acceptable food given the venue

The Bad:
- Yes, it's got some history, but the interior looks dated
- Strange quasi-counter service that isn't really apparent unless you ask

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Wendy said...

"Finally, the bike lane was put to good use!" - awesome.

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