Sherman's Food Adventures: The One

The One

Generally, I'm not one for restaurant revisits (unless I didn't get a large enough sample size, the place is plain awesome or it's been awhile).  However, with Polka King agreeing to head out for eats after hockey, we would move heaven and earth.  In fact, we would help him remove that ball & chain attached to his ankle too...  LOL.  Anyways, if that hasn't already gotten him in trouble, we decided to head to The One due to its proximity to his house.

Milhouse went for the standard being the Noodles with Beef Flank.  It was a deceiving portion as there was much more noodles than it appeared.  These were chewy and didn't soften up too much as time passed.  The beef was tender, if not a touch on the drier side while the soup was pretty typical (which was flavourful and slightly meaty).  There could've been a bit more pickled veg though.  Polka King decided on the Curry Beef with all the little sides.  He seemed to enjoy it as it was thick and relatively flavourful if not very mild in flavour.  The meat was fairly moist.

For myself, I had the Spicy Tripe Hot Pot and really, it wasn't spicy at all.  In fact, the broth was mostly sweet lacking in depth.  However, there was a decent amount of bible and honeycomb tripe mixed with beef meatballs, Napa cabbage and glass noodles.  I found the honeycomb tripe to be easy to eat while the bible tripe too chewy.  I liked how the noodles did not soften too much retaining a chew.  As a side, I had the Chicken Nuggets which were pretty decent.  The meat was juicy inside with a light crispiness on the outside.  There was a definite 5-spice thing going on, but I would've liked it more peppery though.

Lionel Hutz had the Satay Beef Noodles which were more salty than spicy.  I found the noodles to be al dente while a touch wet.  Although the beef looked dry, it was actually decently moist.  For his drink, he had the Pineapple Slush which arrived sky-high as it usually does at The One.  Could it be that makes up for something?  Wait, that is stereotype right?  I don't need a drink like that to make up for anything!  TMI?  Anyways, it was not very sweet and bordering on bland, but this is how we like it anyways.  It was smooth and had a touch of pineapple essence. Our server showed us the technique of sharing it by placing a plastic cup on top and hence, removing half of the drink.  Overall, this visit to The One was pretty much like all my previous meals (I've had many without blogging about it).  The food is decent enough while the portion sizes are fairly good.  Can't really complain, especially for late night eats.

The Good:
- Decent eats
- Open late
- Large drinks

The Bad:
- Yes, there is better, but not in Burnaby this late (maybe Pearl House)
- Service is okay, but kinda sparse

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