Sherman's Food Adventures: Little Tokyo's Sushi

Little Tokyo's Sushi

I often get asked whether there is a rhyme or reason as to which restaurant I visit.  In all honestly, not really because I really don't have time to plan out weeks in advance.  Unless it is a special occasion, most restaurant visits are completely random and more often than not for convenience.  This was the case when we visited Little Tokyo's Sushi out on Hastings.  It was close for Italian Stallion and Wolvie.  Furthermore, with 2 young kids, it was quiet and accessible enough. 

With no chicken karaage nor our backup plan, grilled short ribs, the nice owner offered chicken nuggets.  These were apparently what his own kid eats and he kindly fried some up.  Odd, but the kids liked it.  So onto our food, we started with 2 rolls including the Futomaki and Tuna Delight Roll.  Upon eating the futomaki, I felt something was missing...  Actually, there was 2 things missing in the form of oshinko and pickled turnip.  Hence, no crunch and no salty tartness.  As for the sushi rice itself, it was on the drier stickier side with a very mild flavour.  For our specialty roll, it was okay with a crunchy yam tempura, cucumber and avocado in the middle with spicy tuna on the outside.

Once the Chirashi Don hit the table, I was a bit taken aback with the presentation.  Merely a bowl of sushi rice with thin layers of fish slapped on top, it didn't look all that appetizing.  Granted, there was nothing particularly wrong with the salmon, tuna or tako.  But for the ika, there was still the membrane attached which made it difficult to chew.  Viv had to tear it off by hand.  The sushi rice was again sticky and dry, but there was a decent vinegar hit.  The kids also shared a Vegetable Udon and it was uh...  interesting.  Once sip of the soup and all I could taste was soy sauce.  Suffice to say, this was not dashi.

Lastly, we had the Ebi Tempura and it was aright.  Although lightly crispy on the outside, the rest of the batter was doughy.  At the very least, the ebi exhibited a buttery snap.  Of note, Viv remarked that the side of ginger (that came with the sushi) had gone bad with a pungent odor.  She almost gagged.  In addition to their BC Roll, Italian Stallion and Wolvie had the Chicken Katsu.  It was really crunchy and in fact, too crunchy as the piece of chicken was far too thin.  Therefore, it didn't seem like they were eating any meat.  As you have probably guessed by now, the meal as a whole was pretty mediocre.  In a city full of sushi options, mediocre isn't good enough.

The Good:
- Nice people
- Fairly comfortable for a small place

The Bad:
- Food is mediocre
- Some items were not available

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