Sherman's Food Adventures: Gold Stone Bakery Restaurant

Gold Stone Bakery Restaurant

When a restaurant has been around forever, it usually implies that there is either good food or something is amiss in the Universe.  Take Floata for example, they are very far away from being respectable in terms of food and service, but they continue to survive (yes, I am aware they do banquet and tourist business).  Ironically, right across the street is a run-down Hong Kong-style cafe named Gold Stone, that has been operating for 20+ years.  Since we were in Chinatown anyways, we decided to see why it has stuck around.

We decided to start with a classic HK-style cafe staple being the set lunch including choice of soup (Cream of Ham & Corn in this case), choice of bread (Pineapple Bun) and choice of drink (Lemon Iced Tea). The large bowl of soup was very starchy and floury which made it slightly less appealing.  The pineapple bun was served warm and fluffy with a firm sweet topping.  For the main dish, we had the Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti.  "Gross" would be the best way to describe this dish as the noodles were sticky and chewy.  The minimal sauce was too thick and tasted mainly of cheese.

The lack of sauce was consistent with the Baked Pork Chop Rice as well.  Sure, there was a layer of bland, over-watered down ketchup on top, but it was very thin.  Even after we scraped it off, there wasn't nearly enough for the mound of very dry rice underneath.  The pork chop itself was meaty and not dry, but it was hardly moist either.  Fortunately, our third dish was decent being the Vermicelli with Pork & Pickled Vegetable.  It was still toothsome with a starch-thickened sauce which added both moisture and seasoning.  Viv didn't like the peppers in the mix, yet I thought it provided an extra layer of flavour.  Of note, it was a fairly large portion.

For my son, he didn't want any of it and decided on a Bacon & Egg Sandwich.  Served on the usual soft white crustless bread, the egg was not too overcooked while the meaty bacon could've been more crispy.  Whatever the case, he liked it.  However, as a whole, the food that we tried was pretty mediocre.  Considering their prices, I would much rather walk up the block to Main Street and hit up The Boss instead.  In the end, this visit did not help me answer my aforementioned question.

The Good:
- Decent portions
- Fairly decent service (if not sparse)
- Large restaurant with plenty of seating

The Bad:
- Food is mediocre
- Prices are not exactly cheap (other than the specials)

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