Sherman's Food Adventures: Altmaerker German Sausage House and Deli

Altmaerker German Sausage House and Deli

Sometimes, there are things that are easily ignored.  Much like stop signs in Richmond and yields in Vancouver.  C'mon, it isn't that hard to follow some basic road signs!  Geez, it's as if these drivers don't have legitimate BC licenses...  Wait...  Anyways, I keep ignoring Altmaerker German Sausage House and Deli that specializes in house-made sausages for the longest time.  I'd rather hit up Subway than actually walk into the place.  Finally, enough was enough - I needed to try some sausages!

I decided to go for their Schnitzel Sandwich which was good and bad.  Starting with the positives, I really liked the bun as it was soft and airy.  It still stood up well to all of the ingredients including the fresh tomato, lettuce and melted cheese.  As for the schnitzel itself, the exterior was actually not bad for being reheated.  It was not mushy and the breading stayed put.  Now for the bad.  The meat inside suffered from the reheating as it was dry and chewy.  With similar qualities, the Roast Beef Sandwich was much better since the meat was served as is.  That meant the medium meat was tender and not dried out.  Hence, the rest of the deli sandwiches would be a better choice than the schnitzel.

For my soup, I tried the Spicy Sausage which was chock full of meat.  In fact, there was more meat in the soup than my sandwich.  As such, it was meal in itself with a variety of sausages including European wiener, pepperoni and bratwurst.  The broth itself was zesty and spicy with notable peppery hits as well as paprika. On another day, I had the Potato Vegetable Soup with sausage.  This was a much milder soup with the starchiness of the melted potato.  It was still flavourful with a nice balance of sweet and savoury.  It was also loaded up with ingredients including a good helping of European weiner.

Of course I couldn't get out of there without trying some of their Garlic Sausage.  Unlike the ones found at Costco or Superstore, the house-made garlic sausage was quite lean while still moist and tender.  It was really garlicky and wasn't overly salty.  Definitely a cut-above the supermarket stuff.  Although Altmaerker is not exactly a sexy place to go for food, it does do what its namesake suggests well.  Hence, if you want sausage in Delta, this is the place to be.

The Good:
- House-made sausages
- Friendly people
- Soups that eat like a meal

The Bad:
- Reheated things sometimes do not turn out

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