Sherman's Food Adventures: Dundas Fish & Chips

Dundas Fish & Chips

My comfort level with eating alone is akin to a suitor in a Katy Perry video (Dark Horse for those who don't know...  Wait, why am I watching Katy Perry videos???).  Hence, when I was sans company for lunch, I decided to pick an obscure dive that many might recognize but would never actually stop to eat at.  Yes, if you drive into Downtown via Dundas, you will be very familiar with Dundas Fish & Chips.  Heck, I must've passed by this place more than I've listened to "Never Gonna Give You Up"...  Er...  I mean "Who Do You Love" by YG.  Yes, that's it...

So naturally, I went for their fish n' chips, specifically the One-Piece Cod and Chips.  I know this is nitpicking, but I would've liked my tartar sauce on a separate plate (or something like that).  It was creamy and full of pickles and onions, yet needed more acidity.  As for the fish, it was super juicy and flaky.  The cod was on point, period.  The batter was definitely crunchy and minimally greasy, but it was a bit too hard (not enough baking soda?).  Although I could see the dill in the batter, there was practically no seasoning (but then again, there was tartar sauce).  The light and crispy fries were quite good, except there was very little potato texture left.  They were more like crisps.

I also tried their Sweet & Sour Pork with Fried Rice combo for the heck of it.  I liked the fried rice as it had considerable wok heat where the rice had a nuttiness while being chewy.  It was well-seasoned and the corn added a nice sweetness and crunch.  As for the sweet & sour pork, the pieces were very meaty, yet too dry and far too salty.  Hence, it totally overwhelmed the mild tasting sauce (which was mostly sweet).  So was it worth stopping to try the pace?  If good value is what you are craving, yes.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Food fits the price
- Friendly people

The Bad:
- Average eats

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LotusRapper said...

I've had F&C there a couple of times. Nice folks. Decent eats for the price. Haven't tried their Chinese food but I'm a total sucker for S&S Pork ....

Ambiance is definitely "HIW". The place is somewhat obscure, I can see that many people prolly just drive right by not noticing they are there and their clientele is prolly all local.

Steve said...

@ LotusRapper - don't get your expectations too high on the S&S pork. I had it last night and it was very tough, and as Sherman mentioned, the sauce was kind of wimpy.
Also took some F&C home. I guess because of their relatively thin batter, it was a totally soggy mess after just a five minute drive. I have found that Cockney King's F&C takeout tends survive much better, even after a 15 minute drive. Next time I'll have to try eating Dundas' F&C in the restaurant.

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