Sherman's Food Adventures: Moby Dick Seafood

Moby Dick Seafood

Sometimes, a restaurant's location can make an experience more positive than the food might suggest.  That is usually the case where there is a view and/or if the place is located near the water.  This is true for fish n' chip joints such as Pajo's and Go Fish (although Go Fish is decent).  However, location is one thing, the food has to speak for itself as well. Yah, I'm a sucker for razzle dazzle sometimes because there is something called the complete experience.  So I had to keep that in mind when we headed out to White Rock for a visit to Moby Dick.

I started with a bowl of Creamy White Boston Whalers Clam Chowder which was thick and rich.  I wouldn't say it was creamy though, rather it was more floury.  That didn't take away from the overall enjoyment as it was chock full of tender clams with only a minimal amount of potatoes.  With a kiss from the sea, the broth was sweet and unmistakably clam tasting.  I felt there was a balance of flavours which made it a bowl-licking experience.  For my main, I had the 1st Mates Seafood Plate consisting of 2 breaded shrimp, 2 breaded oysters, 2 battered scallops, one filet fish, garden salad and Yukon gold fries.  I won't comment on the fish as I'll leave it to the actual dish later.  As for the shrimp, they were crunchy with a meaty snap while the oysters were a bit wet, subsequently moistening the batter.  I wasn't a huge fan of the scallops as they were wet too and a bit rubbery.  The fries were slightly disappointing as they were not crispy despite its dark shade of brown.

Onto the actual Fish & Chips, Yodeling Girl decided on the 2 piece, which actually was a 3 piece because they like to add a piece with every order.  I guess it is like Chinese BBQs where one asks for one pound and ends up with a pound and a half... except you pay more.  As you can probably guess, the fries were still soggy while the fish itself was rather moist and flaky.  However, the bottom side was not crisp anymore due to the excess moisture.  Furthermore, the fish seemed to be rather bland.  Well, cue the tartar sauce to save the day as it was fantastic being tart and creamy.  Devo added a side of Poutine to his order of fish and it looked legit.  However, the cheese curds were not squeaky.  The gravy was decent though with a nice consistency and easy on the saltiness.  Too bad the fries got even soggier as a result.

Klutz inexplicably had the Deluxe Burger instead of any seafood dish.  I think he was doing his best impression of Miss Y...  Surprisingly, the burger was okay as the frozen patty was not overly dry and had a good sear.  Nothing too exciting with the rest of it, but it was more than acceptable given the venue.  And about that venue...  Well, as I mentioned before, the location rocks, but in this case, the food is only average.

The Good:
- Nice location
- Big portions

The Bad:
- Food is average
- Long lineups

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