Sherman's Food Adventures: Pappa Roti

Pappa Roti

Quick, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of roti?  An Indian unleavened flatbread perhaps?  Correct.  Hey, isn't that something from the Caribbean filled with various things like goat curry?  Yup.  Or how about roti canai which is a Malaysian favourite?  That would also be correct.  Okay, okay, what about a bun filled with a buttery centre coated on top by sweet caramelized coffee cream?  Huh?  Wait, that looks and sounds like a Bonchaz or Chinese "Mexico" Bun???  Well, I guess Whipping Girl and I were about to find out after stuffing ourselves across the street at Gyoza King.

We decided to get one to share in store with a Nutella topping.  By no means was this cheap as it was $4.90 before tax.  Compared to the aforementioned buns, Pappa Roti's offerings sport a uniformly crispy exterior all the way down to the edges.  It remained crispy even sitting around for awhile including being placed in a box right out of the oven.  The creamy coffee flavours could not be mistakened with each bite while the soft interior benefited from the buttery filling.  As much as the Nutella added another layer of flavours, I actually preferred the plain version more as it kept things simple.

As such, we both got a box of 4 to go ($13.25). And like I mentioned, the topping remained crispy even after sitting in a box for several hours.  Some might argue that the price is overly high for buns that are similar to other Asian versions.  However, it is not like the other ones and it doesn't pretend to be.  We enjoyed them for their soft interior and crispy coffee flavoured exterior.  I guess it would be up to personal tastes and individual price thresholds when it comes to determining value.

The Good:
- Light and crispy topping
- Retains integrity even sitting around for awhile 

The Bad:
- Pricey

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