Sherman's Food Adventures: The Snak Shak

The Snak Shak

The default.  You know, the things we settle for because they are always there and pretty much predictable.  It's much like white paint, vanilla ice cream and chaotic lineups in Richmond.  When it comes to lunch, especially for a quick meal, the defaults are places such as McD's and Subway.  For me, that is usually the last resort because there are so many more interesting things to eat for roughly the same price.  Hence, I decided that a revisit to the Snak Shak as we were in the area. Apparently, since the last time I was here, they have focused on being a Thai restaurant with Western choices.  It was the other way around before.

Much like my last visit 5 years ago, I went with the Wor Wonton Soup.  Admittedly, I should've stayed away from this one since the place is not a Chinese restaurant (and even with that, some Chinese restaurants can't even do it right).  The soup base was mostly beef bouillon which meant there was this MSG-salty thing going on.  As for the wontons themselves, they were rather small where the pork filling was a bit dense and lifeless.  The rest of the veggies were fine though being just barely cooked.  Onto one of their Thai dishes, I tried their Prawn Pad Thai.  This was a fairly large portion that featured many of the usual ingredients such as pressed tofu, pickled turnip, peanuts and bean sprouts.  I asked for spicy and it was only mildly so.  Overall, I found the flavours to be okay for a non-tamarind version.  There was quite a bit of palm sugar though which meant it was more sweet than tart.

We also had the Kong Burger which featured a really thick burger patty.  It was actually quite moist due to its size.  However, it could've used a bit more sear for flavour.  Overall, the ingredients were pretty good, however, the sauteed mushrooms were pretty salty.  The generic fries were prepared quite well being very crispy, yet lacking a bit in potato texture.  The Teriyaki Chicken with noodles was a bit strange looking due to its pale colour.  But it was a pretty typical version with tender chicken in a sweet glaze.  The noodles underneath were a poor choice as they didn't match the dish.  Something like an udon or soba noodles would've been more appropriate rather than Chinese chow mein. In the end, our bellies were filled without much issue.  Not particularly the greatest food, but it wasn't bad either.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Friendly people

The Bad:
- Not as cheap as you might think
- Possibly trying to be too many things

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