Sherman's Food Adventures: Bob's Submarine Sandwiches

Bob's Submarine Sandwiches

I've been trying to visit Bob's Subs in Richmond for the last 5 years with no success.  Hey, it's not because of accessibility, cost or anything to do with the food.  Rather, every time I make my way there, I opt for something Asian instead.  Yes, with the significant selection of Asian eats, I succumb to the enticement.  But I finally made it a goal of mine and enlisted the help of Peppermint, Swim and Bubbleberry.  Why the help for some sammies?  Let's just say that these are no ordinary subs found at places like Subway and Quizno's.

So let's get right to it then...  Bob's subs can be had either cold or hot where the amount of meat is equivalent to 2 or 3 subs from Subway.  On that note, Swim had the 12" Super Sub consisting of double steak, double cheese, mushrooms, salami and capicollo.  Suffice to say, this was enough food for more than 2 people.  But give the guy credit as he struggled to dust it off (he really did finish it!).  The thin rib-eye was sufficiently tender while the rest of the ingredients were well-prepared.  One caveat though, considering the amount of meat, the sammie was not all that flavourful.  Peppermint went for a 6" Club featuring turkey and bacon with lettuce and tomato.  This was more than enough for her as she barely finished it.  She found the bun to be soft and nicely toasted while the turkey was moist and the bacon was crispy.

Bubbleberry decided on the 12" Steak which was only slightly smaller than Swim's Super Sub.  Consisting completely of thinly sliced fresh rib-eye steak and caramelized onions, this was a heavy plate of food.  As much as it was rib-eye, the meat was a touch chewy while still tender enough.  He was not as successful as Swim and only ate a quarter of it.  There was enough leftovers for 3 more lunches!  For myself, I had only the 6" Super Sub because I wanted to have some Fried Chicken (I ate half of it before I snapped the photo...  doh!).  It was actually decent in a Church's-type way.  The skin was rendered and crunchy while the brined meat was juicy and flavourful.  The generic fries were quite crispy.  At the end, we had to pack our leftovers (except for Swim) which was enough for dinner.  That pretty much sums up Bob's as the food is both plentiful and cheap.

The Good:
- Big portions
- Cheap
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Super busy, food might take awhile
- Despite decent, the sammies are actually kinda bland

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Steve said...

How does Bob's Subs compare to Salam's monster sandwiches at La Charcuterie? I'm a big fan of the latter, so is it worth driving through Richmond to check out Bob"s? (And I know that I can't expect the same kind of "entertainment" there LOL).

Anonymous said...

I've also had Bob's on my radar for awhile and only just tried it this year. I found the sub to be meaty and filling. A much better value than Tim Horton's philly sandwich where you practically need a microscope to find the meat.

I didn't know they also had fried chicken. I will try this next time as this place is run by a korean couple so I hope it will be similar to korean fried chicken which is pretty similar to Church's.

meepmeep said...

Sandwich Nazi definitely has the best sandwiches for size and price.
Unfortunately its far away in Surrey.

I had the super sub at Bob's a month back and I also felt it was missing something in terms of taste compared to the subs at Paul's sub shop. Paul's super sub is also like 8 bucks more than the super at Bob's so that's something to consider.

Decisions decisions.

Sherman Chan said...

@Steve Salam's sandwiches are really large, but then again, they are mostly about the enormity for the price. Bob's is not as big, but really good value for the money. Agree with @meepmeep, something missing in flavour despite the amount of ingredients.

LotusRapper said...

I too have been eyeing Bob's, but everytime I'm in Richmond I somehow inevitably end up eating Chinese :-/

Do they have fried chicken in subs ?

Chaki said...

Being a Bob lover for decades, I order it with banana peppers and slather mustard to boast the flavour.

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