Sherman's Food Adventures: Dashiwa Sushi

Dashiwa Sushi

Here we go with another random sushi food adventure...  I was cruising along 64th Ave in Surrey one day with Klutz and Tavers in search of eats.  We kept driving and driving and driving to no avail.  Huh?  Are there any restaurants around here???  Yup, there were as many restaurants along 64th as there are people doing the speed limit on highway 91.  When all was about lost, we noticed a cluster of businesses at 152nd.  Hey, a Greek restaurant and of course, a Japanese one too.  We opted for sushi over roast lamb...

To start things off, we got an order of the Ebi Tempura that was served on a familiar Corelle plate.  I've got the same one in blue!  Anyways, these were pretty good with a crispy and light batter that was easy on the grease.  Inside, the ebi was buttery and exhibited a mild snap.  Next, we had the Assorted Sashimi consisting of Tai, Hokkigai, Tako, Atlantic Salmon, Tuna and Sockeye Salmon.  As evidenced in the picture, the fish had a nice sheen that translated into an overall freshness (as much as flash frozen can get).  Textures were good including the buttery, yet firm salmon and the soft, but not mushy tuna.

Onto some maki sushi, we had the Dragon Roll comprised of essentially a dynamite roll (ebi tempura, imitation crab and cucumber) with torched unagi on top and drizzled with unagi sauce).  We found the roll to be neatly constructed where it stayed intact.  The sushi rice was firm and seasoned lightly with a touch of sweetness.  With a smoky char, the buttery unagi added both texture and flavour to the roll.  Next, we tried the Alaska Roll consisting of cooked ebi, avocado and cucumber with smoked salmon on top.  This was a pleasant enough roll, yet it was surprisingly small.  For me at least, this was not typical of an Alaska roll.

Our obligatory cooked dish of the meal was the Chicken Yakisoba.  It arrived steaming hot and somewhat saucy.  As a result, the noodles were more wet than toothsome.  Taste-wise, the dish was sweet with a touch of tartness.  The ample amount of veggies probably contributed to the moisture content of the dish.  Up until this point, it appeared that Klutz could eat more, so we got the Sushi Combo A (7 pcs of nigiri).  With 2 pieces of ebi and tuna along with 3 pieces of salmon, this was yet again a modest portion.  However, it is all about balance with Japanese food, not huge quantities.  With that in mind, the fish-to-rice ratio was fine. Similar in quality to the aforementioned sushi and sashimi, this was also good.

Then surprisingly, we were presented with a complimentary order of the Aburi Salmon Nigiri (was it my camera?).   Although the torched salmon was buttery while the rice was toothsome, the amount of sauce was rather unnecessary.  It only served to hide the natural flavours of the ingredients.  Then again, it was complimentary, so we weren't really all that bothered by it.  Well, how about that?  A random sushi restaurant turns out to be pretty decent.  I wonder what other places exist beyond 152nd...

The Good:
- Above-average eats
- Friendly people
- Quality over quantity (if that matters to you)

The Bad:
- For those who want quantity, best find the closest AYCE
- On the pricier side

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