Sherman's Food Adventures: Shiosai Sushi

Shiosai Sushi

Subsisting on a primarily burger and fries diet for the past 2 weeks, it was about time I stopped the insanity! (a la Susan Powter).  Since I was out and Viv was at home, I decided to get takeout.  I thought of the various choices such as Pho, Wonton Noodles or TBN, but all those create a bloody mess with all the soup sloshing around.  For a brief moment, a salad bar came across my mind.  That quickly dissipated - what kinda nonsense was that???  Finally, I settled on plain ol' simple sushi.  I stumbled on this little place called Shiosai Sushi located on Joyce.  Operated by a Japanese couple, the place is truly a sushi bar without any of the usual cooked items.

As such, I focused on the major 3 items including the Assorted Sashimi consisting of sockeye salmon, albacore tuna, mackerel, hokkigai and tako.  With a nice sheen and an equally pleasant smell, everything was as fresh as flash frozen could get.  Textures were on point too, especially the tako as it was tender with a nice bite.  I also got the Nigiri Combo that included one piece each of salmon, tuna, hokkigai, tako, unagi, ebi and tobiko as well as salmon and tuna maki.  With the same qualities as the sashimi this was another solid offering.  The sushi rice was a touch stiff, but it was appealingly chewy and mildly seasoned.

Moving onto some roll sushi, we had a combo consisting of California Roll, Dynamite Roll and Kappa Maki.  With vibrant avocado and cucumber, the appearance was appealing while the amount of rice was balanced.  I wasn't a huge fan of the romaine lettuce in the dynamite roll though.  Moreover, the ebi tempura was somewhat hard and heavy.  The California Roll was pretty standard, but with fresh ripe avocado, it was pleasant enough.  There was slightly a bit too much mayo though.  For takeout sushi, we found Shiosai to be good.  The place is definitely simple and modest, but considering the prices, the quality is not bad.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Neatly made items
- Good for what it is

The Bad:
- It's only a sushi bar, do not expect anything else
- It's takeout, don't really plan on eating in (very few seats)

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Unknown said...

I love this place!! Their Party Tray is the best deal in the city :)

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