Sherman's Food Adventures: Paradise Donair

Paradise Donair

Continuing on with my New West donair adventures, I visited the last store along 12th Street in New West.  Seeing how the portion sizes are generally quite massive at these places, I earmarked at least 2 visits in order to try out more than just one item. Naturally, much like other donair joints, Paradise has a selection of donairs and platters.  However, there are 4 different sizes to choose from including small, medium, large and kick ass.  They also have combos that include a soft drink.

For my first visit, I went for the Lamb Platter. As a big mound of food, it looked a bit messy, but it didn't matter as the meat was tender and moist.  The rice was rather hard though with defined kernels.  I was a bit dismayed there wasn't any hummus to go with the pita bread.  As you can see in the picture, they layered the salad on top of the meat.  I wasn't a huge fan of this because everything became muddled.  I would've much preferred everything separated (but that's just me).

I returned again to try both the Chicken and Beef Donair.  I went for medium as the larger sizes were just too much food (especially the kick ass).  Good thing too as the medium was chock full of meat.  I preferred the beef as the strips of meat were moist and well-seasoned.  I liked how when I requested hot, they didn't merely dump some hot sauce on it, rather, a bevy of hot peppers awaited my palate.  As for the chicken, it was not as succulent as I would've hoped for and the unrendered chunks of chicken skin was not appetizing.  Compared to Donair Town and Donair Star, Paradise holds its own with a style that is relatively unique.

The Good:
- Large portions even for the smaller sizes
- Agreeable owner
- Places to sit and eat

The Bad:
- Platter is too messy for me
- Quite warm inside, if you eat in

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