Sherman's Food Adventures: Handi Indian Cuisine

Handi Indian Cuisine

*Restaurant is now closed*

As parents to 2 kids, Viv and I have tried to expose them to as many different types of food possible.  Furthermore, we have refused to serve them any steak that is beyond medium-rare.  Despite their queries as to why the meat is blood-coloured, we stay the course.  One particular cuisine that they have had very little experience with is Indian Food.  So with yet another Groupon in my arsenal, we headed over to the nearby location of Handi for a food adventure (at least for my son as he hates everything...)

We started off with a platter consisting of Calamari, Pappardums and Veggie Samosas.  For me, I enjoyed the calamari the most as they were buttery soft while still exhibiting an appealing chewiness.  The light batter on the outside was nicely spiced and not greasy at all.  As for the samosas, they could've been a bit hotter on the inside, but on the exterior, it was crispy and not overly doughy.  The potato filling was purposefully spicy and soft.

Moving onto the mains, I sampled the Butter Chicken first and it was quite sweet and somewhat salty.  Despite this, there was impactful hits of tangy tomato and creaminess.  It was mildly spiced as we requested, yet the heat did build at the end.  My daughter didn't mind and happily ate it.  She is definitely a foodie in the making as my son complained it was too spicy.  In big chunks, the chicken was sufficiently moist where some of the sauce had penetrated the meat.  At the very least, my son was okay with the Saag Prawns which were aromatic, but far too salty.  This was tempered by being combined with the rice and naan (as that was probably the plan anyways).  The prawns themselves were cooked just right being meaty with a nice snap.

My daughter also enjoyed the Palak Paneer where it had a mild spice with a touch of ginger.  The chunks of paneer were appealing in texture being soft while retaining its shape and consistency.  As for the spinach, it was pretty smooth and a touch creamy without any wateriness.  To go with our dishes, we had rice and Naan.  Nicely charred underneath with moderate blistering on the top, the naan was mostly soft with a bit of chewiness.  My son seemed to like it as he mostly filled up with it (*sigh*).  Overall, this was a serviceable Indian meal, if not a bit ordinary and salty.  We enjoyed the hospitality though, albeit we were the only table there for most of our meal.

The Good:
- Friendly service (but we were the only table)
- Serviceable food

The Bad:
- Flavours are out-of-balance, either too salty or too sweet

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