Sherman's Food Adventures: Dundee's Donuts

Dundee's Donuts

After a pretty unappetizing meal at Dooger's, we were in a bit of food shock (for all the wrong reasons).  Taking a stroll back to our cars, we noticed Dundee's Donuts across the street.  Donuts?  Just after eating a full dinner?  Well, the dinner did suck and something sweet could be the cure for our food ills.  Hey, we couldn't go wrong with a random donut shop in the middle of a tourist town right?  Whatever the case, the kiddies were begging us to get some.  Being the great parents that we are (yeah right), we got some.

For myself, I got the standard yeast Glazed Donut.  It was not overly sweet which was good in my books.  However, the donut itself was dry and lifeless.  It was properly drained where it wasn't greasy and in fact was rather light.  But in this instance, more glaze would've helped to moisten the donut itself.  Just because it looked pretty, we got a few of the Pink Sprinkle Donut.  Based on the same basic donut as the glazed, this was not moist.  However, the candy-like glaze helped somewhat.  As such, the donut ate much sweet than the glazed.

My son didn't think much of the pink donut and decided on the Chocolate Sprinkle Donut instead.  Naturally, it shared the same qualities of the aforementioned donuts, but with a chocolate glaze, it did have a distinctive flavour that wasn't just pure sugar like the pink one.  That would be the same with the Chocolate Glazed Donut except it was less sugary due to the absence of sprinkles.  The chocolate itself wasn't great, but it did the job.  Realistically, we had a feeling the donuts would turn out as "meh" considering we were in a touristy part of town.  At the very least, they weren't expensive.

The Good:
- Reasonably-priced
- They didn't over-glaze the donuts

The Bad:
- Dry and lifeless
- Limited selection

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