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Delicious Cuisine

Remember the Curry Challenge where I decided to incorporate actual blog visits into the my tasting commitments?  Well, here I am at it again trying to multi-task so I can free-up some time to do absolutely nothing.  Yes, absolutely nothing is something I have been aspiring to do since my high-school days.  I haven't seen much of that since then and I guess it is all a part of growing up...  *sigh*...  Anyways, as part of being on the Blogger's Judging Panel for the Chinese Restaurant Awards, we needed to eat at various places starting with Delicious Cuisine.

Meeting up with fellow judges Joyce, Chloe and Jesse, we were treated to some dishes we were judging on and others items to complete our meal.  We began with the Spicy Pork Offal Stew featuring stomach, intestines and blood.  It may seem like a crime scene to some, but totally delicious to us!  This was extremely gamy where it might turn some people off, but for me, I didn't mind it much.  I found the stomach to be chewy, yet sufficiently soft to eat.  The thick sauce was definitely spicy with background sweetness.  With a smattering of Szechuan peppercorns, there was some tongue-numbing moments.  Next up, we had the Pan Fried Egg with Tiger Prawns.  Essentially a fried omelet with prawns, this was a pretty straightforward dish.  With a slightly crispy exterior and still fairly fluffy interior, the egg was pretty mild with minimal seasoning.  Exhibiting a meaty snap, the prawns added a natural sweetness to the dish.

For some reason, we also ordered the Tiger Prawn & Pineapple with Mayo.  Personally, I'm not a huge fan of mayo and fruit, so I didn't eat much of it.  Let me rephrase that, if it were a cold dish, I would be more inclined to like it.  So with my bias, I would not be the person to properly assess this dish.  With that in mind, the prawns were good though with a light crispiness giving way to a gentle snap.  Of course the dish was sweet and very mayo-greasy.  To cleanse our palates, we had the Stir-Fried Pea Shoots with Garlic. I found the pea shoots to be a touch soft, yet with still a mild crunch.  There was plenty of minced garlic and appropriate seasoning while not being overly salty.  There was decent wok heat without excess grease.

Onto one of the dishes we actually needed to judge, we had the classic 3-Cup Chicken.  The big pieces of chicken were moist and super-succulent.  In terms of chicken texture, this has to be one of the best I've had.  However, if we focus strictly on the flavours, it was far too sweet with very little wine which meant that the overall profile of the dish was one-note (except for the apparent basil aroma).  I did like how it wasn't overly greasy though.  Next, we were served the Bamboo Shoot & Free-Range Chicken Steamed Soup in a large bowl (normally, it is per person).  One sip, and it was apparent that they were pretty aggressive with the salt and MSG.  Yet, for some reason, I didn't mind it because no one could accuse the soup of being bland.  I liked how the bamboo shoots were crunchy without being pungent.  Much like the previous dish, the chicken was juicy and moist.

Lastly, we had the Tea-Smoked Duck which announced itself before it hit the table.  We could smell the smokiness as it approached.  In fact, it was probably too smoky as the tea really didn't come through.  With that being said, the smoke penetrated all the meat which meant there was plenty of impact.  I liked how the meat was moist, but the skin and fat could've been more rendered.  Lastly, we had the Stir-Fried Shredded Pork served with crepes.  With no filler, this was a meaty dish consisting of tender julienned pork that retained a natural texture.  It was sauced just enough that it wasn't dripping with moisture.  Taste-wise, it was sweet with a touch of spice.  So, if we looked at the meal as a whole, the food was pretty solid.  I wouldn't mind returning for the purposes of trying some different items.

The Good:
- Decent eats
- Modern dining space

The Bad:
- A little pricey
- Food came out a bit slow

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