Sherman's Food Adventures: Creamery Cafe (Tillamook Cheese Factory)

Creamery Cafe (Tillamook Cheese Factory)

Driving for nearly 2 hours from Portland in torrential rain, our main purpose was to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  It either speaks of our dedication or outright lunacy.  Whatever the case, the kiddies were relieved to arrive at our destination.  Despite being a relatively simple self-tour, they enjoyed watching the assembly line (much like on Food Factory).  Funny how we could just watch the cheese move down the conveyor belt over and over again.  After some cheese tasting, we were inspired to stay for lunch and for some ice cream afterwards.

Seeing how we were surrounded by cheese, it would be shame that I did not indulge myself in the Centennial Grilled Cheese made with sharp white cheddar and mild cheddar on sourdough bread.  This was seared on the flat-top until crunchy with ample cheese oozing out.  I found the sharp cheddar to be impactful and flavourful.  The side of tater tots were fried until super crispy.  Viv had the Pesto Chicken Grilled Cheese and it was definitely cheesy and full of meat.  There wasn't much pesto though.  She had the Creamy Tomato Soup on the side and it was rather sweet while plenty thick.

My son had the Mac n' Cheese (which was more like penne n' cheese) where it featured toothsome noodles bathed in a creamy sauce.  The blend of cheeses were sufficiently flavourful while coating each noodle and then some.  This was a fairly large portion for a kid's meal.  The side of fries were, well a side of fries.  My daughter went for the 2 Mini-Cheeseburgers which were pretty generic.  With a somewhat soft and dry bun, the small burger patty wasn't that noticeable.  However, the slice of cheddar made things a bit better.  Not sure why she chose this over a grilled cheese...

Of course we left room for ice cream, in particular, my daughter who claimed she was full.  Hogwash, because she was able to eat a Junior Strawberry Ice Cream in a sugar cone.  For myself and Viv, we shared one scoop of Black Cherry and Chocolate each.  The ice cream was rich and dense while just sweet enough.  Even the sugar-free black cherry was creamy and rich despite the absence of sugar.  As much as the food here at the factory cafe was pretty standard and simple, it was good because of the ingredients involved.  The ice cream was a treat too.  Really, this is what it was all about.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Kid-friendly
- Good ice cream

The Bad:
- Don't expect too much

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