Sherman's Food Adventures: The BBT Shop

The BBT Shop

What's the best Bubble Waffle in the GVRD?  Sounds like a simple question, yet, if you really think about it, there are not a whole lot of places to get one.  Well, I guess people have noticed, hence the opening of a new joint in Landsdowne Mall.  Having tried most of the other places in town already, The BBT Shop looked a bit different from the rest.  Unfortunately, being located within the Superstore complex in Richmond, I had to build up the courage to pay it a visit.  Well, I didn't need to fear for my car's life, rather, I just went late on a weeknight with Choobee (ah...  the joys of no traffic).

To start things off, we got the Original which was lightly dusted with icing sugar.  Honestly, we could've done without it as the flavour of the waffle was fine by itself.  There was an aromatic sweetness that emanated from the griddled batter.  It was on the crispier side with a relatively hollow interior.  Hence it was light, but missing the usual soft chewiness.  With that being said, I wouldn't hesitate to rank it high on my list in terms of BBW in town.  Next, we tried the Matcha, which was curiously better texturally.  Was the batter thicker?  It was lightly crispy on the outside while fluffy and chewy on the inside.  Moreover, the matcha taste really came through with an appealing bitterness.  It was only semi-sweet which meant the matcha could be at the forefront.

We got one of their special BBW in the Red Velvet topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate.  Served on the side was sweetened cream cheese.  Again, the waffle had the same texture as the matcha (maybe the original batter was too thin with the original?).  The chocolate drizzle was not necessary in our opinion as it made things too sweet.  The side of cream cheese was tangy and purposefully sweet.  Of course we couldn't leave the place without trying out a beverage, so I got a Real Mango Slush with popping pearls.  I asked for half-sugar and it was a good choice because the popping pearls were pretty sweet.  As for the slush itself, it was blended well with the mild taste of real mango.  So despite not serving traditional bubble waffles, the ones at BBT Shop were enjoyable and unique.  I would no problem coming back for more.

The Good:
- Lots of choice, including some pretty extravagant ones 
- Although not traditional, the textures and taste are appealing

The Bad:
- Prices can get up there with some of the more premium options
- Chaotic parking lot at peak times  

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