Sherman's Food Adventures: White Spot Burger Guest Stars

White Spot Burger Guest Stars

It's true, I won't deny it.  I am a fan of White Spot, in particular their burgers.  Yes, I understand that they are not necessarily the fanciest nor sexiest burgers around, but I grew up on them via the Pirate Pak.  Every time I have one, it reminds me of my youth and elicits feelings of familiarity and comfort.  So when White Spot came calling and asked me try their Burger Guest Stars, there was not much hesitation on my part.  To get them all done in one shot, I enlisted some help of Hot Mama, Bubbleberry and Peppermint.

First up was the Sriracha Goat Cheese Turkey Burger with char-grilled BC turkey patty topped with Happy Days goat cheese mixed with sriracha sauce, bacon, apple relish, arugula, tomato and mayo.  Sporting a significant char, the patty was really smoky (if not a touch burnt).  Inside, the meat was sufficiently moist, but naturally drier due to the lean turkey meat.  I thought the chunky apple relish added a natural sweetness to the burger.  Next, the Truffled Mushroom Bigger Burger was a take on the classic Monty Mushroom with the addition of with truffled exotic mushrooms, Provolone cheese as well as the standard lettuce, tomato & Triple "O" sauce. This was a messy and saucy concoction that was more woodsy than the Monty Mushroom.  It was a good thing that they were conservative with the truffle oil as it could've overwhelmed everything.

Impressively piled high, the Steakhouse Supreme Bigger Burger featured a 6 oz. 100% fresh Canadian beef burger with red wine BBQ sauce, horseradish Cheddar, haystack onions, arugula, tomato & arugula aioli.  This was probably the most flavourful of the bunch from the tart BBQ sauce, pepperiness of the arugula and crunchy sweetness of the fried onions.  Moving onto more poultry, the Crispy Almond Chicken Burger glazed in sweet & sour sauce, with toasted almonds, iceberg lettuce, red onion and lemon cilantro mayo was something different.  It featured a moist chicken breast that sported a thin crispy tempura shell.  There was a good balance of flavours including a noticeable sweetness accented by a touch of tartness from the mayo (which also emanated the essence of cilantro).

Lastly, we tried the wild Johnstone Strait Salmon Burger with pickled onions, tartar sauce, BC arugula, vine-ripened tomatoes & mayo.  Although cooked all-the-way-through, the salmon filet wasn't too dry as it was slathered in a good amount of dill-spiked tartar sauce.  The zing from the pickled onions helped liven things up as well.  Overall, we were quite happy with the Burger Guest Stars menu since the choices were unique compared to the regular menu (maybe except for the salmon burger).  Furthermore, no one was complaining about being hungry afterwards.

*Note - Meal was comped*

The Good:
- Unique compared to the regular menu
- Well-portioned
- An array of different flavours

The Bad:
- Proteins were a bit more done that we would've liked

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