Sherman's Food Adventures: Regent Bakery

Regent Bakery

Deja Vu - it can refer to that feeling that something has happened before and/or a mediocre Denzel Washington movie.  Well, it was the former for us as we tried to get some pineapple buns from Lido in Richmond.  You see, they didn't have any ready, so we resorted in visiting the nearby Regent Bakery as a consolation.   Yes, that happened once before, hence the feeling of deja vu.  Yet unlike last time, I decided to actually blog about it.

With the limited selection available, I was only able to snag a few items to go.  Of course they had the usual BBQ Pork Bun.  Once I cut into it, the inside revealed a sufficient amount of centered filling for the entire bun.  I found it to be more sweet than savoury, but not overly so.  There was very little in the way of fatty pieces as well.  As for the bun itself, it was pretty soft and airy where it was only slightly dry.  As such, the Cocktail Bun exhibited the same qualities except for the filling of course.  It was pretty sweet and coconutty.  Similar to the BBQ pork bun, the filling was fairly centered and ran the length of the entire bun.

Okay, for the moment of truth, it was almost unfair to compare their Pineapple Bun to that of Lido.  Being located just a few doors down, unfair as it may be, there will be comparisons made.  With that in mind, the one at Regent was okay.  It was pretty large with a uniform and complete topping.  It wasn't crumbly as it stayed adhered to the bun.  I found it not as sweet as Lido since it was rather thin.  Of course the bun itself was not as buttery soft either. Now one item that was pretty good was the Egg Tarts.  With a thin and crispy shell, there was a plethora of silky egg custard that was semi-sweet and aromatic from coconut.

The last item was the Chicken Pie stuffed full of chicken and shiitake mushrooms. I liked the buttery and crumbly crust which held in the bevy of chicken thigh meat.  It was sufficiently tender, if not a touch stiff where the seasoning was a bit sweet.  Overall, the stuff at Regent was not outstanding, but it was decent.  I was most surprised with the egg tarts as they didn't look too promising.  Yet, they were the highlight.  As for the pineapple bun, yah, better wait for the ones at Lido.

The Good:
- Pretty good egg tart
- Uniform and centered filling
- Okay pricing

The Bad:
- Limited selection

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