Sherman's Food Adventures: Greek Corner

Greek Corner

For some reason or another, my experiences with Greek food has been pretty much hit or miss.  I've either had some good meals or ones that I just could have done without.  Interestingly, these experiences have not necessarily reflected existing reviews where I've had some less-than-impressive meals at highly-rated restaurants.  That was the case when I dined at the now-closed John's Greek Taverna.  Now replaced with the Greek Corner and sporting a positive rating on Zomato, I made my way out there to investigate.

Joining me was Hot Mama and we shared the Calamari to start. Although small in portion size, the quality was there.  Each piece was tender and buttery with just a touch of resistance.  Outside, the light and crispy batter stayed adhered until the last bite.  On the side, the tzatziki was light and sported the freshness of cucumber and a touch of acidity.  For her main, Hot Mama had the Chicken Souvlaki with rice, lemon potato and Greek Salad. Attractively seared, the meat was relatively moist and well-seasoned.  Underneath, the rice was chewy and somewhat dry (but that is a good thing) while lightly salted.  As for the salad, the veggies were fresh and crisp while the dressing was lightly acidic.

For myself, I had to go with the Roast lamb with the same accompaniments.  Despite sporting a rich roasted flavour that included aromatic garlic, rosemary and oregano, the lamb itself was rather dry.  This could've possibly been due to the part of the lamb shoulder I received (as some parts are leaner).  The lemon potato was completely on point being soft while still retaining a certain firmness with a considerable lemon kick.  I returned once more to try the Mousaka with Caesar salad.  The well-defined layers were all done right with moist and tender beef spiced by nutmeg, tender, but not mushy potatoes and eggplant while topped with a creamy bechamel.  Again, the accompaniments were solid.  Despite the lamb, the rest of the food was above-average and way better than the restaurant it replaced.

The Good:
- Decent portion size for the price
- Reasonable pricing
- Welcoming owner

The Bad:
- Disappointing lamb

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