Sherman's Food Adventures: Soup Plus

Soup Plus

With all the available options for food in the GVRD, some spots are often overlooked (except for loyal and local clientele).  So when Big D suggested we eat near Lougheed Mall, I scrambled to find something that resembled a hole-in-the-wall.  I found that place in Soup Plus on Austin at Marmont.  Seemingly nothing more than a typical soup & sandwich joint hidden in the corner of a strip mall, we went in with no expectations.

We got things started with 2 of their homemade soups including the Tomato Soup.  Lightly tangy and silky smooth, the tomato soup was kicked up a notch with the addition of seared bits of ham.  Not only did this break up the monotony of texture and flavours, it added an extra layer of saltiness. With no shortage of mushrooms, the Mushroom Soup was unmistakably woodsy and full-bodied.  It wasn't creamy though, instead the broth was somewhat thin while at the same time well-seasoned.  Being that it wasn't overly thick, it left plenty of room for our sandwiches.

We ended up sharing 3 sammies including the regular portion of the BBQ Beef Po' Boy and Meatloaf Sub.  Served on house-baked bread, the BBQ beef was saucy and spicy.  There was definitely a good amount of Louisana-style hot sauce mixed in as there was a vinegary and sharp spice to the po' boy.  There was enough sweetness from the BBQ sauce for balance.  The beef was a bit dry for my tastes though.  Now the meatloaf was the complete opposite as it appeared dry but was ultimately moist.  I found it to be mildly spiced where I could still taste the meat. Although not particularly sexy, I'd take this sammie over the Subway across the street any day (for the same price really).

Lastly, we had the Clubhouse made with house-baked bread, turkey, lettuce, cheese, tomato, bacon and grilled chicken.  This was quite good as the toasted bread gave way to crispy bacon and moist chicken.  Although nothing mind-blowing, the sandwich was memorable due to the bread and the ample amount of ingredients.  This pretty much summed up our visit to Soup Plus where the food ain't that impressive to look at, but it ultimately did the job and more for a very reasonable price.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Good value
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- It's good, but don't expect anything sexy

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