Sherman's Food Adventures: The Boathouse (Kitsilano)

The Boathouse (Kitsilano)

For whatever reason, I've never actually blogged about The Boathouse despite the 7 locations in the GVRD.  Sure, I've been there as part of a food tour in Port Moody a few years ago, but that doesn't count as an actual sit-down meal (and separate blog post).  I remember going there a long time ago and have very vague memories of the place.  Armed with an invite to try their new Summer menu, Sean added me to be his plus one for a visit to the Kitsilano location.  With a stunning new building overlooking the water, we were blessed with a million dollar view even before we took one bite of the food.

About that food, we started with the Ceviche served in a large glass consisting of prawns, pacific cod, scallops, pico de gallo, citrus juice and grilled pineapple on a bed of shredded lettuce served with house-fried corn flour tortillas chips. At first, we were concerned with the mild acidity, but there was a method to the serving vessel.  With the lemon and lime juices settling on the bottom, it prevented the seafood from overcooking.  Hence, the textures were on point with buttery prawns & scallops and tender fish.  The other flavours were subtle as well including the sweet pineapple, pungent cilantro and the bite from the red onions.

Moving onto the mains, we started with the Grilled Seafood Skewers that included fire grilled salmon, scallops and prawns in a teriyaki glaze topped by grilled pineapple salsa.  With all 3 items (that cook differently) on the same skewer, it led to mixed results.  The prawn and scallop were pretty much on point, but as for the salmon, it was fully cooked.  It was still good though being flaky and naturally sweet, but I personally would've preferred an underdone centre.  The teriyaki sauce wasn't too potent, which allowed the seafood to shine while the pineapple added a pleasant sweetness.  Next, we had the BBQ Steak & Shrimp Skewer Combo.  We found both skewers to be prepared expertly (as they were not mixed).  The shrimp ate with a buttery snap while being inherently sweet and a touch smoky.  As for the steak, it was nicely crusted and charred which ensured a flavourful bark.  The meat was prepared medium-rare and the inside was succulent and tender.

Continuing on, we tried the 16 oz T-Bone Steak with a smoky dry rub and shallot wine butter.  This was a well-prepared medium rare steak that featured an appealing char and light crust on the outside.  Combined with the aromatic shallot butter, the steak was not longing for flavour.  However, I could still taste the natural meat juices through all the layers of seasoning.  Although the fries were starch-coated (I normally do not like this), I kept eating them as they were lightly crispy with a smooth potato interior.  Our last main was the slow-roasted Baby Back Ribs with chipotle bacon BBQ sauce.  Aggressively sauced while not overly sweet, I could taste a light smokiness to go with the noticeable spicy finish.  The meat fell off the bone while still retaining a bite.  The side of mac n' cheese was really creamy and cheesy with a slight sharpness.

For dessert, we shared the Strawberry Ice Cream Pie with a gluten-free nut crust.  As simple as this may have been, it ate pleasantly.  The ice cream was creamy and smooth, yet still firm.  There was a natural strawberry taste without the overuse of sugar.  The light drizzle of honey did add the necessary sweetness.  This was a nice and light way to finish off the gluttony.  We came away rather impressed with the Summer menu where nearly every item was on point and well-portioned.  Combined with a killer view, there was not much to complain about the meal (and not because it was complimentary either...).

*All food was complimentary excluding gratuities*

The Good:
- Well-portioned eats
- Mostly on point execution
- Killer location and view

The Bad:
- Overall a bit pricey, but not so much considering the location
- Salmon could've been a bit more rare


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