Sherman's Food Adventures: The Marquis

The Marquis

Finding inexpensive and decent eats in generally swank areas is a pretty difficult feat, much like encountering someone who would like to let you merge during rush hour.  I swear by turning on your signal light, it just encourages the person to tailgate the person in front of them more so!  I digress...  So we did stop by The Marquis on Granville at 10th for some appies and drinks one late evening after hockey to discover reasonable pricing and hopefully decent eats as well?  Maybe someone would let me merge sometime too?  Not...

We shared a bunch of things including the Nachos with beef and extra cheese.  Piping hot and crunchy, the tortilla chips were layered with cheese, meaty beef and diced tomatoes.  At first, we couldn't find the extra cheese, but they were hidden in the nooks and crannies of the dish.  The large portion of sour cream, guacamole and salsa was a surprise as most places cheap out.  With that being said, the dips were a bit bland.  Next, we had an order of the Fries which were not very crispy.  For being oil-blanched and double-fried, these were more like roast potatoes rather than fries.  They were okay for what they were, but hardly fries.

Although the Tuna Bites featured a very thin layer of tempura batter while being barely cooked, they were not universally loved at the table.  It had mostly to do with the obscene amount of sweet chili sauce on the outside.  It compromised the batter as well as completely overwhelming the delicate tuna.  The dish would've done fine without it as there was a cilantro dip on the side already.  As impressive as the Perogies looked with caramelized onions an bacon on top, the flavours were not impactful.  With that being said, the perogies themselves featured a thin and tender skin with a smooth and cheesy filling.

For dessert, we shared the Chocolate Decadence and Cheesecake.  Both were pretty good with the cheesecake being smooth, creamy and not too dense.  It wasn't overly sweet where the aroma and flavour of baked cream cheese really came through.  The thin crust also allowed the cream cheese to shine.  As for the chocolate cake, it was moist and semi-sweet.  The ganache in the middle provided an extra hit of chocolate and creaminess.  Overall, with the appies and desserts we had, the food was definitely serviceable and reasonably-priced.  Nothing really stood out, but we weren't opposed for a return visit after a late game of hockey.

The Good:
- Lively vibe
- Inexpensive

The Bad:
- Rather cramped seating
- Place is pretty warm even with A/C 

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