Sherman's Food Adventures: Kikuchi's


Pulling into port at Nawillilli, Kauai, we were greeted with torrential rain that led to the cancellation of many of the tours. We weren’t part of any, but had rented a car for the purposes of exploring the island. Part of the itinerary was to visit Hamura’s Saimin as we enjoyed it the last time we were in Kauai. Well, all that went down the toilet as we cancelled our rental car. Hence, we visited a nearby food truck instead called Kikuchi’s that specializes in bao and sushi wraps.

We decided to get 3 items to share including the Smoked Pulled Pork Bao with a spicy sweet chili sauce. The large bun was actually a folded fluffy bao with a mound of slightly dry pork. It was somewhat smoky and mildy spiced. The side of fries were pretty standard stuff, but were crispy and dressed in seasoning salt. My son had the Ginger Chicken Karaage Bao with honey mustard dressing. The pieces of chicken tenders were crunchy with a firm batter. I thought the chicken could’ve been more juicy, but they were not dry. They were nicely seasoned with a definite ginger hit while accented by the sweet dressing.

Viv wanted something lighter and opted for the Ahi Tuna Wrap with wasabi mayo and soy. This was essentially a large sushi roll featuring chewy seasoned rice.  Although the rice was on the wetter side, it wasn't mushy which bode well for the buttery tuna.  Hidden inside the roll was wasabi mayo that made itself heard with each bite.  In the end, we were pretty satisfied with the eats from Kikuchi's despite missing out on some saimin.  Ironically, the weather did a full 180 being sunny and hot for the rest of the day (as Hawaiian weather can often be like).

The Good:
- Won't leave hungry
- Nice people

The Bad:
- My wish is that their proteins were more moist


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