Sherman's Food Adventures: Cadillac Diner and Wipeout Cafe (NCL Pride of America)

Cadillac Diner and Wipeout Cafe (NCL Pride of America)

Breakfast can be akin to a mob on a witch hunt aboard a cruise ship.  It seems that the majority of the passengers are all trying to get their fill at the buffet.  Therefore, the smart thing to do is to avoid the buffet altogether.  Hence, we headed over to the 50’s themed Cadillac Diner tucked away mid ship on deck 6. Much like the rest of their menu, the breakfast options were limited. Even with that, there were enough offerings to satisfy us all.

Interestingly, my daughter was the one to order the biggest meal which was the Full Breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, baked beans, tomato and mushroom. Other than the eggs, she practically dusted the whole thing off. There was good and bad on the plate which saw the bacon and sausage being decently prepared (although the bacon could’ve been crispier). Hash browns were crispy in some spots while the baked beans were rather sweet. The mushrooms tasted like they forgot to season them. However, the eggs were the worst thing on the plate being stiff and very dense. The same could be said about the eggs on the Express Breakfast. Bacon was okay though and the toast was well, toast.

For myself, I went for a cheese, smoked salmon and mushroom Omelet which featured; you guessed it, very overcooked eggs. In fact, the exterior of the omelet was pretty crispy and brown. As a result, the smoked salmon was pretty much destroyed where it was akin to salmon jerky. I would have to say this breakfast was pretty sub par and I often say that breakfast is probably the simplest thing to prepare.  Maybe we should've hit up the main dining room or maybe suffered the mobs at the buffet instead.

We never did get a chance to visit Cadillac for lunch or dinner, but we did go to the Wipeout Cafe for some "afternoon" snacking.  Essentially a "serve-yourself" spot, it featured various salads, burgers and hot dogs. My son once again went for the basic Cheeseburger with a side of fries.  The well-charred patty was decently moist and meaty while the fries were pretty generic, albeit crispy.  Viv went for the Chili Dog and it was pretty average, but the chili was rather meaty and only marginally spicy.

For myself, I had the Pulled Pork Burger with cheddar and BBQ sauce.  It was nice to see a selection of "specialty" burgers as it offered up something different than the usual.  Similar to my son's cheeseburger, the meat was not dried out while evenly charred.  The pulled pork was fairly moist while the BBQ sauce was mostly sweet.  On another day, I tried the Portabella with blue cheese.  As expected, this one was impactful with the earthiness of the mushroom and sharpness from the cheese.  Again, it was a nice departure from a plain burger.  Of course none of the stuff was going to set the culinary world on fire, but it served its purpose with a few surprises.

The Good:
- Less busy than the buffet (Cadillac)
- Surprisingly decent burgers (Wipeout)

The Bad:
- Sub-par eats (Cadillac Breaky)


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