Sherman's Food Adventures: Rainbow Drive-In

Rainbow Drive-In

Originally, I had scheduled a visit to the popular Rainbow Drive-In just East of Waikiki on our last day on Oahu. But for some reason, I wasn’t feeling it for the mixed plate and such. We ended up meeting some friends for a quick visit to the beach and they had just gone to Rainbow the day before. They were pretty happy with the portion size and quality of the food. Call it gentle persuasion, but that was enough for me to head there for lunch.

Like any other popular tourist eating spot, parking sucked and the lineup for food was present. But both issues weren’t as bad as Helena’s. As for our eats, I decided on the Mixed Plate which included chicken, beef and mahi-mahi with 2 scoops of rice and mac salad. This was a substantial amount of food fit for 2 meals. I thought the chicken was the best of the meats as it was succulent and well-seasoned. The skin was not rendered enough though. I found the beef to be purposefully salty but a little dry while the mahi-mahi was moist. My son had the Loco Moco with fries smothered in a thick gravy and topped with 2 fried eggs. We thought this was a bit disappointing as the 2 beef patties were thin, dry and chewy. The thick gravy was mildly salty where the starchy fries soaked it up.

Viv went for the ½ Fried Chicken with rice and mac salad, which commanded a 15-minute wait. It was well worth it as the chicken was fried golden brown with crispy rendered skin. Both the dark and white meat were moist and juicy due to the flavorful brine. We were indifferent with the mac salad as the pasta was too soft. The dressing did taste good with a nice creaminess accented by enough salt. My daughter was happy as a clam with her Chili and Crackers. The slightly thin chili was meaty, flavourful and slightly spicy. The sweetness of the onions really came through.  Overall, the food was pretty good, plentiful and well-priced.  Not sure if it was as awesome as people have said though.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Decent but not outstanding
- Can be somewhat of a wait


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