Sherman's Food Adventures: Tasty Crust

Tasty Crust

Unlike the rental car shuttle debacle at the Hilo cruise ship dock, we woke up extra early to find that everything was much more organized at Kahului.  Once on our way, we chose to visit a dive named Tasty Crust on Mill Road in Wakuluku. Well, the reason for this was partly due to their claim of world famous pancakes and also because my friend who is from Maui suggested it. Hey, you gotta trust the locals right?  As we pulled into the parking lot, there were more than a few rental cars.  I guess the tourists come there too...

Now, the kids were in the mood for breakfast, but for Viv and I, we were more interested with the lunch items. Fortunately, they serve the whole menu all the time. As a result, I ended up with the Saimin with Vegetables, which wasn’t really that strange for breakfast since that is what many do in Asia (and I do at home). As much as the pork broth was flavorful in a non-salty manner, the ample noodles were a touch too soft for my liking. The frozen veggies did what they were supposed to do while the chashu was meaty and a bit salty. Viv went all out and had the Short Ribs with rice and mac salad for her first meal of the day. The large pieces of meat were relatively tender while aggressively marinated in sweet soy. They were nicely charred and smoky.

For the kiddies, they went the conventional route and had the Breakfast with 2 eggs, sausage, bacon, Spam and toast. This was pretty standard stuff with scrambled eggs that were a bit too done for my liking. The sausage and Spam were on point, but the fatty bacon could’ve been crispier. But really, all these items were only a distraction from the main reason we were here – the Pancakes. Okay, I gotta admit that these were pretty darn good. Large, thick and completely fluffy, the pancakes were really easy to eat. In fact, they tasted good on their own, with a bit of butter.  So was it worth the drive out to Tasty Crust?  For the pancakes, yes.  The other stuff was pretty standard, nothing to write home about.

The Good:
- Fluffy pancakes
- Cheap
- Friendly people

The Bad:
- Other food was average
- A/C kinda weak


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