Sherman's Food Adventures: Me Bar-B-Q

Me Bar-B-Q

With us trying to squeeze as much action as we are able during our days in Honolulu, we were just too tired to go out to eat.  As much as that is the perfect horror movie for myself, this was not the end.  In fact, it gave me the opportunity to round the corner from our hotel and up 3 blocks to visit Me Bar-B-Q.  Right across the street from Musubi Cafe, this lil' Korean take-out spot offered up big portions at reasonable prices.  The place was pretty busy, but they did a good job in churning out the food as quickly as possible.

When my son heard that we were going for Korean BBQ, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas.  As such, we got him his favourite being the BBQ Chicken with rice.  Each combo came with 4 sides (banchan) and this one consisted of kimchi, spicy cucumber, broccoli and cabbage.  With 3 big pieces of grilled dark chicken meat, this was right in my son's wheelhouse.  The meat was sufficiently tender and well-charred.  We did find it rather sweet, hence there was no need for sweet soy as the chicken flavoured even the plain rice.  The same could be said about the Kalbi BBQ as they were super sweet with a nice char.  The meat was fatty and tender as well.  Rounding out the massive amount of food was sprouts, japchae, broccoli and corn.

We also got the Oxtail Soup and while the broth was rather salty and one-note, the oxtail itself was on point  The large pieces had gelatinous and tender meat that melted in my mouth.  In addition to the meatiness of the oxtail, it was also well-seasoned.  Accompanying the soup was plain white rice and 2 sides (which were banchan and broccoli).  To compound the ample amount of food, we really shouldn't have ordered the Bibimbap (but I did anyways).  It was topped with the same items found in the banchan display including beef, spinach and a fried egg with gochujang. Lacking some of the usual ingredients such as shiitake, fern brake and carrots, this ate a bit differently (cabbage added quite a bit of moisture).  In the end, it was fine with chewy rice and enough gochujang.  In reality, there was not much to complain about since we got a tonne of food for the price.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Inexpensive for Waikiki
- Decent

The Bad:
- You can eat there, but it's really takeout
- Pretty hot in there waiting for our food


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