Sherman's Food Adventures: Fol Epi

Fol Epi

Having visited Victoria during Spring Break, we were able to sample some pretty good eats while we were there.  We actually visited Agrius twice, once for brunch and once for dinner.  Something that I normally do not do on vacation - do a revisit.  Well, is 3rd time the charm?  It wasn't really a trifecta as we didn't dine at Agrius, but we did pay the adjacent Fol Epi (same company) for some pastries and treats.  We had already sampled their wonderful in-house bread when we were at Agrius, so our expectations were pretty high.

One of the most basic, if not important items on any bakery's menu is the classic Butter Croissant.  As evidenced in the picture, the croissant was on the smaller side being rather narrow.  Beyond the initial crispiness, the rest of it didn't shatter as much as I would've liked.  It was definitely buttery and soft inside, but I just would've preferred more spun layers (laminating).  That would've made it crunchier and nutty.  We also got the Ham & Cheese Croissant as well and it was similar to the classic croissant except it was crispier in some spots while softer in others.  This was totally acceptable due to the wet ingredients.  Again, I would've liked to see more layers and shattering, but it was good in terms of the smokiness of the ham and of course the gooey cheese.

One of my favourite items was the Apple Strudel where the filling was really tasty.  It was full of tender chunks of apple that were appealingly tangy.  It was enveloped with just enough sweetness for balance.  ON the outside, the pastry was light and crispy.  Despite the wet filling, the rest of the strudel did not get soggy.  Off to another savoury item, the Caramelized Onion, Bacon and Cheese Scone was robust and filling.  Naturally, scones are usually rather dense, and this one was that for sure.  At the same time, it wasn't in a bad way.  Beyond the firm, almost crunchy exterior, the inside was moist and fluffy in the aforementioned dense manner.  It was aromatic and full of flavour due to the ingredients involved.

Onto some other pastries, Costanza got the Lemon Tart, Almond Slice and Hazelnut Cake.  I didn't get to try any of these, but he thought they were all quite good, but not great.  I would concur with that as the items I did try were exactly that.  Probably the best of Victoria according to many and until I try others places, I will go on that.  Compared to pastries I've had in Vancouver, I would say Thomas Haas and Chez Christophe are better, but that is in Vancouver.  So not really fair to compare.  All-in-all, still totally enjoyable, including the wonderful bread and charcuterie.

The Good:
- Good variety including pastries, breads and charcuterie
- Generally good products
- Nice space 

The Bad:
- Not a very big space though


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