Sherman's Food Adventures: Pizzability (Sooke)

Pizzability (Sooke)

As much as I would love to blog exclusively the best restaurants in Vancouver and around the world, it is not completely practical.  First and most importantly, I need to save for my kid's college fund, so eating it all away is not exactly responsible (but oh so delicious!).  Second, eating like that gets a little much, unless you are some eating assassin like Mijune.  So when we were in Sooke, it was agreed that we would do one inexpensive meal that didn't involve visiting a restaurant.  We ended up picking up a couple of pizzas and 2 lasagnas from the nearby Pizzability.

I think this had to be one of the first times I've picked up pizza from the second floor, hence it was rather warm when we entered the place.  Gotta give it to them, they were organized and efficient as everything was ready including little containers of Parm and red pepper flakes.  We got one each of the Cheese and Meatlovers Pizza.  So the pizza crust was not greasy, which was a good thing.  However, it was also rather dry and cardboard-like.  We did like how it was crispy, but the denseness and dry texture was not that appealing.  There could've been a bit more tomato sauce in our opinion.  The cheese pizza was pretty basic, but the meatlovers was impactfully spicy due to the plethora of sausage.  Again, liked how it wasn't too greasy, but the crust was a downer.

Usually, takeout pizza joint Lasagna can be a feeble attempt consisting of noodles, sauce and some cheese.  Surprisingly, we found cottage cheese and meat within the lasagna.  This made it much more hearty and varied in texture.  Like the pizzas, one of the lasagnas had added Italian sausage and that made it really robust and spicy.   Furthermore, they did not skimp on the mozzarella cheese either.  I actually liked the Italian sausage lasagna as it was good for what it was.  Probably one of the best pizza joint versions I've had ever.  That pretty much made up for the average pizza.  Yet, who am I kidding?  For the price, the food was more than acceptable and did the job especially for the kids.  Not great pizza, but good enough for a quick simple meal.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Surprisingly decent lasagna

The Bad:
- Crust a bit too dry


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