Sherman's Food Adventures: Parallel 49 Brewing

Parallel 49 Brewing

Long ago, I had visited Parallel 49 Brewing for, what else, a beer-tasting.  That was fine and dandy, but there wasn't any food!   Don't get me wrong, I like a good brew as long as I can eat something with it!  So I never planned a return visit.  Recently, I heard that they had put in a permanent food truck in the restaurant (yes, it is parked right in the dining area!).  After Sunday hockey, it was suggested we go there since we were at nearby Britannia Arena.  Sounded good to me!

To get a sense of the menu, I enlisted the help of JuJu and Milhouse in sharing some of their more popular items.  We started with their BBQ Wings served with ranch dressing.  Now if you are wondering why the wings were dry, the "BBQ" was the rub on the outside of the wings rather than a sauce.  Hence, they ate crispy with a sweet and slightly spicy coating.  The skin was somewhat rendered while the meat was moist and juicy.  Since sides are extra for the burgers, we got both the Kennebec Fries and Waffle Fries to share.  Much like the wings, these were also solid.  Extra crispy and light, the fries were more like Belgian frites (which is a good thing).  On that theme, the side of dijon mayo was the perfect dip for the fries.  The waffle fries were crunchy and not overly greasy while the cilantro mayo had just enough flavour without being overwhelming.

Trying to share the Bacon Cheeseburger was an exercise in mathematical angles, but we figured it out.  It consisted of a beef patty, cheddar, bacon, lettuce, onion, pickled cucumber and mac sauce on a brioche bun.  This was reminiscent of the one found at The EI Furniture Warehouse but better IMO.  From the soft moist patty to the crispy bacon, this was an enjoyable burger.  I found the brioche to be soft enough that it didn't interfere with the rest of the ingredients while robust enough to not fall apart either.  Sharing the Two Piece Fried Chicken & Slaw was a bit easier and oh was it ever good.  Not only was the meat juicy, the skin was fantastically crunchy and spiced.  Add in the cayenne honey and we had sweet heat.  Not to be outdone, the side of slaw could've also been the star as it was crunchy, tangy and full-flavoured.

Finally, we shared something that didn't need to be cut into irregular sizes - 3 x Crispy Beer Battered Cod Tacos with cabbage, spicy mayo, pico and micro cilantro.   Nothing complex here but just well-prepared fish that was flaky and moist while encased in a crispy thin batter.  Cabbage and pico de gallo were fresh while the spicy mayo added a kick.  So in the end, I thought the food was really solid considering the venue.  Nothing that will set the culinary world on fire, but a good side for your beverage.

The Good:
- Well-prepared pub-like food to go with your drink
- Fair-pricing
- Since it is in Parallel 49, you have many drink options

The Bad:
- Wish the sides were included


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