Sherman's Food Adventures: Skylight Restaurant

Skylight Restaurant

Sometimes we either think too much or try to hard when it comes to choosing a restaurant to eat at.  Sure, we work hard for our money and we certainly do not want to waste it on mediocre overpriced food.  But when we have a hungry group of people, a plain ol' any restaurant can do.  This was the case after Sunday morning hockey when we stepped out onto Commercial Drive in search for eats.  We didn't wander too far as we made our way to the very unsexy Skylight Restaurant.  Yes, this place has been around forever and no, the food isn't particularly exciting, but we were about to find out why it continues

While others went for breakfast, I decided to stick with a lunch basic being the Special Burger consisting of 2 patties, double cheese and 2 slices of bacon.  This wasn't very expensive and considering the portion size, it was pretty much fair for the price.  As you can clearly see, this wasn't something gourmet nor exciting.  The bun was a typical burger bun and the patties were of the generic frozen variety.  Bacon was crispy and fatty though.  It did the job, but to be blunt, I've had better at other diners in the city.  I ended up sharing this with Milhouse who ordered the Combo of sweet & sour pork, broccoli beef and fried rice.  Once again, this was pretty typical of North Americanized Chinese food.  The portion size was rather small considering the price.  I thought the pork was good, but the sauce could've been more impactful.

Onto the breakfast items, The Pancakes with scrambled egg and sausages was good and bad.  Although a bit thin, the pancakes were fluffy and light.  Sausages were fried and hence crispy on the outside and fatty on the inside.  Eggs were overdone and flat.  Edible but not the way I would like them done.  We had 2 orders of the German Breakfast at the table consisting of sausage, hashbrowns and eggs.  This was prepared nicely with perfectly sunny side eggs, soft hashbrowns (maybe too soft) and pan fried sausages.  Not bad, but not overly interesting either.  However, Skylight isn't a place to find inventive food or anything particularly sexy.  It serves a purpose as a greasy spoon dishing out Canadian-Chinese food and diner fare.

The Good:
- Fairly well-priced
- Does the job
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Food was okay but meh at the same time
- Chinese food was surprisingly overpriced


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